Thursday, March 20, 2014

You're a bad man Mr Gum! Review

By Andy Stanton

Illustrated by David Tazzyman

Episode 1 Made in 2006

This story made me laugh a LOT. It made me Shaba me whiskers! It starts in the old crazy town of Lamonic Bibber. Mr Gum hates children, animals and corn on the cob. Mr Gum has two disgusting bloodshot eyes, and food on his beard. All the adults say to their children "Don't go near the old freaky man!" This book is humor type. I do recomend you this book. Everyone in the town wonders why he has the neatest garden in the world! But he is really lazy. His garden is so neat because a fairy forces him to tidy up his garden. When Mr Gum is asleep, the fairy used to bang him with a pan on his head
(as you can see on the picture) when the garden wasn't tidy. The trouble is a new dog comes to town. His name is Jake the dog. When Jake came to town, it was a disaster for Mr Gum. The dog came every day (except Wednesdays) to destroy and dig Mr Gum's garden. That's how Mr Gum gets slapped by the fairy on and on.

The author is really funny because he wrote a chapter called: Mr Gum has a cup of tea. And that chapter only says one sentence: Mr Gum has a cup of tea.

You should try this book yes or yes. You could also try other Mr Gum books like one of my other favourite called: Mr Gum and the cherry tree.

WARNING! This book may contain little bits of laughing. Just a little warning for allergic people! :)


  1. I really like when the fairy is bagging a thing on his head!!
    It's SO funny.

  2. Awesome Pablo you always do the best stories in the world.

  3. Very nice post. I dont know much about Mr Gum but my sister keeps on saying it is really good, but you made me want to read it even more!