Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Alice vs The Witch

Suddenly, I was attacked by the alien monsters and trapped!

“Hello my dear little child, how nice to see you again,” said a mean voice.

“You stole my favorite toy and put it in the bin and that is a lie, because you placed my puppy toy in the never find area. So you said you put it in the bin just to scare me. However I am a brave girl and I am not scared of anything. To you it means nothing, but to me it means a lot, because I got it when I was born from my grandma and grandpa before they died,” I said in a clear voice.

“Your grandma and grandpa are just stupid people,” said the witch.

“Now let me down from this trap.” I demanded.

“You are a little child, and I am the BIG witch queen, so I decide when you must go down -  which is right now. Let her down in this instant my little servants!” said the witch.

“Yes your majesty,” said the gummy, old aliens with large, 
rusty ears.
Then they finally got me down. I was happy about that, yet I still had not recovered my puppy! So, I set off while the witch was talking to her servants in a strange voice.

Then I saw a Light Brown thing coming from a box. What could it be? I wondered.

I ran as quietly as I could and peeked inside the box and there was... My puppy toy!
I took it and hugged it for a long time, then took the witch’s telephone and called the police without her hearing me.

Finally, she was arrested and was sent to jail for ten years. The police asked if I wanted to be the owner of the witch’s palace and I said “no”, because I did not want to become a witch.

Then I went home with my puppy toy and we lived happily ever after.

The witch’s real name was

“The Witch of The Waste”.

The End


  1. What a fine story! It's definitely worth standing up to a witch if she takes such an important thing!

    Aha - so was watching Howl's Moving Castle an influence on your story?

    (You've also thought hard about your sentences and included some great examples (2 Ad; BOYS). You've also made sure the spelling and punctuation is correct.)

    Well done Cristina!

    1. Yeah! The Witch of the Waste is from Howl's Moving Castle!