Thursday, March 20, 2014


Robyn the Christmas Party Fairy
By Penelope   

I chose this book because I love the way two girls (named Kirsty and Rachel) find a fairy.  This is one is one of my favourites. Some people don't like reading books, but I love reading , I get to travel the world and go to mythical places, like fairy land!

This is the second time I 'v read this book and I love it . The book has three stories in it. They are called: The Magical Cracker, The Dancing Shoes and The Snow Globe. My favourite story is The Magical Cracker because there's a clue to each magical object in Jack Frost's spell. In the spell it says: 
I know a Norwegian who likes to play pranks.If he'll help trick the fairies I 'll  give him my thanks .Tiaras and tutus conceal a great prize,And keep it away from those bright fairy eyes.The treasure will lie in a Christmassy nook .The very last place a fairy would look .
If you are a girls' girl and like good fairy books then I would recommend this one!

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