Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My Imaginary Friend

My imaginary friend is a male fire wolf, his name is Flame. He likes eating magical blue fire and is allergic to water. Flame is protective and plays with me whenever I'm lonely.
What I need to do to call him is whisper, "Flame," then, with a thunder of mixed blue and orange fire, he comes trotting from the air! He's lucky and he's mostly rewarded by luck because of a lucky charm he has  hidden inside his flames/fur that is shaped like a blazing golden four leaf clover. He loves to look at my classical canvas paintings so I've taught him how to paint. At first he got all tangled up but now he can paint beautifully.
If Flame touches anyone, they're burnt. I'm the only one who can touch him without being burnt because of a a special cream called Flame Toucher (I invented it).
Flame is kind-of like a traveling horse because we go to long trips together, sometimes even to the Sydney Opera House. There we don't go inside and listen to the graceful opera but we stay outside till sunset splashing water at each other (even if Flame is allergic to water ) and throwing pebbles far into the sea, sometimes even as far as Antarctica. 
Flame can travel even longer distances than a plane so next we went to Mexico in the little city of Chichen Itza to see the Temple of Kukulkan built by the Mayans. We secretly crept inside the temple, though it wasn't so interesting because it just felt that we were going round and round in a maze! On our way out we found some sacred treasure of the Mayans, we didn't take all of it because it belonged to the Temple, but we just took four different pieces as home decoration. We traveled home quickly and Flame had to go back to his unknown place. We said bye to each other and with another crash of fire Flame totally disappeared....


  1. Wow Sanika! I really love your story! It makes me imagine what your imaginary friend is! I really like it!

  2. It's great to have an imaginary friend that can take you on such amazing journeys, Sanika!