Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Heroes Of Altheas Introduction

So this is kind of like Pablo's Shyneert world except, less crazy and a bit more... serious.
Altheas (al-thee-as or al-thee-s) is a land where people have magical abilities that they could learn by reading spell books, but they each learn a single unique power at birth, and one for each person in their world! The people of Altheas eat pretty much the same things that we eat except more SPICY or SWEET. And they live in houses that look a lot like the houses in Pibrac but more... nice. Altheas is very peaceful and a luxury, machines that designs animals (in their land, there are no animals so they create them for forests, rivers, etc.), breezes that if you listen you could hear the secret music of nature, and LOLLIPOPS THAT CHANGE COLOUR EVERY SECOND AND TASTES OF VICTORY BERRIES (just joking!) (but seriously). Okay, enough about the world and let's get on with the plot, so the hero is a boy who helps his father who is a blacksmith. His name is Will Smith. The heroine of the story is his loyal guard puppy, Willow. She is shy but will try to do her best. The villain of the story is Lord Alastor. He wants to destroy the harmony in Altheas. But we all know...

So by the time I finish writing the first chapter, you should know all that stuff.

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