Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Pippi Longstocking

By Maia
Pippi Longstocking is an amazing girl.
She has a very useful monkey from her dad.
About her mum and dad:
Her mum died when Pippi was born. She believes that her  mother is up in heaven and always looking down at her and guiding her. Pippi’s dad  was a sailor. He was ship wrecked. Pippi is a unique girl, so she says that her dad swam to an island and became king of that island!!!
She also has a horse.
She becomes friends with her neighbours after she moves in.
It’s a boy and a girl and they do exciting and funny things together.
I like this book because I can relate to Pippi.
                  For example:
She’s got red hair and I have blonde hair, we both REALLY like adventures,
it’s part of our life we could not live without it !
Well anyway back where I’m supposed to be…
I love this book and I really recommend it, it is very funny, I think it is really good for all the family to read it.
This book is like Mr.Gum because it makes you laugh, but it is not disgusting and has different sorts of jokes.
A part of it that I’ll never forget:
At the circus she is a spectator but she becomes a performer…! Because she’s an amazing girl she can even carry a house so there is a really heavy thing and she picks it up. The adult has difficulty pulling it up himself!!! She also does other funny things for you to find out.
The things that Pippi is amazing at and the original things she does:
1.      She can catch burglars in the night.
2.      She’s super strong.
3.      She’s got a horse in her little garden.
4.      She makes pancakes on the floor!
5.      She walks backwards so that on the way back she is the right way round!

Hope you enjoyed. Maia


  1. I love Pippi Longstockings, I have the book at home.

    1. I think it is really and imaginative isn't it.

  2. You made me want to read it Maia!