Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Fantastic Mr Fox

I really like this book because it is about three farmers and one is a chicken farmer and he has 1000  chickens and he is really fat because he eats every day chicken for breakfast, lunch and super and he is called bogies. The other farmer is a duck farmer and he is always eating duck or a disgusting pate that he made and he was called Bunce and he was very little. The last one was a farmer of turkey and apple; he always drinks apple juice so he is so tall like an apple tree and weak. The other characters are Fantastic Mr Fox, Mrs Fox and the 4 little’s Foxes. The story goes like this every day; Mr fox asks Mrs fox what do you want to eat today my wife, she says, well, one chicken for the 4 little foxes and another for us but be careful that the farmer don’t kill you. Don’t worry; I can sniff really well say Mr Fox. Ok says Mrs Fox and so Mr Fox goes out of the hall that he lives in with his family and goes quickly to the farm, he then smells out that the farmer hiding in the house number 4 so Mr Fox changes direction. He returns with 2 chickens to his hall then is to you to read the book and see what’s next.
My favourite character in this book is Mr Fox because he is so cool.

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