Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Famous Five ! Number 9

Five Fall Into Adventure!

By Enid Blyton                                                                                                                       Illustrated by Eileen A.Soper


When I went to the Pyrenees with my brother and the Centre de Loisir, my mum put a book in my suitcase. The book was called The Famous Five (Number 9)

When I saw it I wondered “Have I heard about this book?” 
I didn’t remember, but I started reading it.


At the start I thought it was a bit strange because I didn’t really understand the characters eg. “George” is a girl and it wasn’t made clear if Julian, Dick and Anne were brothers and sisters or friends, but then I read a bit more and George is their cousin.L

The story begins when George (Georgina) and Timmy (her dog who is the fifth member of the Famous Five) were waiting at the train station for Julian, Dick and Anne to arrive. The train was very late. When Julian, Dick and Anne finally arrived Timmy was so happy to see them and so was George. Julian, Dick and Anne were visiting George for a fortnight.

I like this book because I like adventure stories and this is a good adventure story with lots of mysteries.

The mystery of this story is that soon after, George and Timmy go missing…
If you want to know more READ THE BOOK!

I recommend this book to you but, in my opinion, you will probably have to be a good reader. LJ


  1. Alicia I really want to read the famous five! But I don't know where it is!

  2. Cool It is interesting.I like it, good work!