Blog guidelines

These guidelines are for everyone's safety.
We also want to have good-quality posts and comments.
Everyone in Year 4 is free to post as much as you like. If it's a poem, put it on the Year 4 Poem blog. Or if it's about one of our monkeys, post it on Popcorn and Davy.

• Children should be identified in posts by only first names. Their name should not be with their photo.
 Also, children's comments should have first names only.
• We like getting comments!
 Your comments will of course be positive and relevant.
 Proof-read your comment carefully. 
 Check the spelling and punctuation are correct before clicking "Publish". 
 Always write in full sentences and words – no “text talk” please!
 If you're a visitor, the best choice of "Comment as" option is probably "Anonymous" - but please add your name at the end of the comment, so we know who you are.
 If you're from another class or school, let us know which it is!


  1. You still have to watch out for other dangers: slippery surfaces, going down stairs too fast... don't relax too much!

    1. well yes there are those things!