Friday, March 21, 2014

Nelson Mandela

This book is about Nelson Mandela who was a South African.
I will tell you a bit of information that I got from the book.

Some time ago in South Africa they thought that black people didn’t have the same rights that white people had, for example black people weren't allowed to vote -  this was called the apartheid. 
Nelson Mandela stood up for his people and country. Although he spent 27 years in prison, he asked for reconciliation. When he died in December 2013 aged 95, the country had a state funeral as he was seen as the "father of the nation".
The book talks about his young years, his family life, his political engagement and his time in jail.
I think Nelson Mandela is a hero because he had the passion and the courage to fight for what he believed in.
Hope you enjoy it! This book is factual and political so have a go at reading it! Try and learn more about Nelson Mandela.


  1. I like him, he is very interesting. I only know a little bit about him.

  2. Well done Rozenn for this review! Nelson died not long ago!

  3. Good Review
    Stil People think Black People Are Bad
    I think they are the same as white People!! What do you think?