Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Today the ground was shaking.
It made all of Pompeii go to their houses quickly, but it was just a little one.
My mum Cyllia was repairing the house with my dad Piretcho.
Last week the ground was shaking more wildly and vivid.
It made the baker's bread in tiny morsels.
My dog Chereza loves to play with my next door neighbour Alberto.
He's really annoying because when it's time for him to wake up, he bangs a drum like a maniac.
It's to wake up his children, when he wakes us!
He sometimes creeps to our house to make us frightened, but now we got used to it, so we dont get scared. The next day the ground shook MUCH more. We had to go straight to Naples so the earthquake didn't get us. Naples was too crowded, we had to go back to Pompeii.
Suddenly at night it was beginning to be very hot. I wondered why? All the villagers went outside when later they started running and screaming. I didn't know what was wrong, so I looked around me and very soon I understood... The Vesuvio was erupting!!!!!!!! I started running with my family to the town of naples, but the lava nearly catched us, so we ran as fast as we could to the town of Naples.
We stayed in an inn where we slept for a night. We went back to Pompeii and to our surprise, it was all destroyed...

Sunday, April 27, 2014

My favorite games part 5

I do like PVZ so i'll carry on with it. I have completed number one and the last guy is the metal guy on the roof. Here is a picture of him:

Day eight
We have now got number two and as everybody says it is harder. I mean were stuck on day eight in my trip to egypt and look how hard it is!
Metal giant

see you next time fans!

The Vanishing Cats Part 2

Chapter 2, The Backstory
"Sit down, everyone. As you have discovered my secret, I shall tell you the whole story," said Captain.
"But," burst out Shamrock.
"No 'buts' Shamrock, do you or do you not want to listen to the story?"
"I do" replied Shamrock.
"Alright then, I will" he said, taking a deep breath.

Captain's Backstory
"Varjak and Holly got closer after defeating Sally Bones. That is it. But in a few months, they had me. Varjak thought that I could keep the Way alive by teaching it to me. I got nearly all of them right in just one week, but I didn't know how to do the last skill, Insight. I tried it week after week, month after month, but I kept failing, and failing, and failing. But, Holly Bones struck. She was just as deadly as Sally Bones, if not a lot stronger. She also had her hench-cats so it was impossible to strike her. Varjak, Holly and I fled, because otherwise they would kill us, and of course, they cared about me. We stayed hidden for a few days, but eventually, they found us and we had no choice but to fight. Holly and Varjak fought hard, but got badly injured trying to protect me. So when Holly Bones came to finish them off, flung on to her and started gnawing her and protected my parents using 6 of the Skills. After hours of fighting, they fled and I carried my parents into the same park where they first met. Gladly, they survived. And now, I know the all the Skills. But I am not happy. Holly Bones will strike again and avenge for her mother. You must stop her. But don't kill her, she is important. Try to make her see her wrongdoing, before it is too late"

One Cat and her Girl Part 1

Catherine heard a cat. What was it doing in the middle of the night?
She heard it again. The cat sounded like it was in agony.
'I'd better help that poor cat' she thought.
So she grabbed her coat, silently crept past her parents' room and went outside. It was freezing cold out in the garden, but Catherine ignored it and tried to find cat in the dark.
Now she knew where the cat was. She felt for the cat but instead, she touched a shard of glass. Then another, then another, then another. The cat had bits of glass in it!
Catherine was shocked. She hadn't expected that many! She ran back into the house and called her parents frantically. Then, she made them call an emergency ambulance though it was only for humans. But when she called the ambulance, she sounded so high pitched and desperate that they switched the lights on.
They've arrived! Catherine lead them to the cat. It was meowing piteously.
"Don't be scared, little cat, you'll be as right as rain after you come out of the hospital" she said. 
Then she watched them carry the cat into the ambulance and then drive away.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Treasure Games

To finish off our Treasure topic, 4B made Treasure games. And last thing on Friday, they invited 4G in to play them.

What a great way to finish off the spring term! Have a great holiday everyone!

Friday, April 25, 2014

This week's Big Questions in 4G

Smarties percentages

This was a nice easy and fun way to explore percentages and pie charts - plus it was edible!

We each had a packet of Smarties, and sorted them into colours. Then we arranged them in a circle. We marked off the different colours on the outside circle, which, very conveniently, was divided into 100 spaces. 

Here are more photos:

And the finished pie charts look like this:

Thanks to printablepaper.net for the paper!

4G's Feline Assmbly

4G had their assembly today - with a Varjak Paw theme!

Here's the presentation:

 And here are some photos of us (thank you Miss Ash!) -

Thursday, April 24, 2014

HOLLYWOOD Club (first part of the story)

Once upon a time there lived a prince who married a beautiful woman at Buckingham Palace.
They lived together and had a baby. Her name was: Victoria. They had another baby called Elizabeth. The prince's wife died after Elizabeth was born. The prince was now named king and Victoria was named princess. Elizabeth was desperate to be a princess, but she was only five.

Vicki was ten when Lizzie was five. After five years Lizzie was named princess and Vicki was named queen, but after, things started get worse.

By Pablo, Maia, Penny

Skittle science

Have a close look at our science work this afternoon:

Lots of people had interesting observations and explanations of what happened!


  Today is the competition

by the muscle club

See you

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


I went to the cinema to see the second captain America. This film is really good, with lots of action in it and some funny bits.  It stars three or four different superheroes, the best was Captain America himself. 
The main bad guy used to be a friend of Captain America but on a mission the bad guy fell off a train, then some people found him and  brain-washed him, but during his fall from the train, his arm got cut off. The people that brain-washed him made a new robot arm with super strong metal. 
During the film his mission was to kill Captain America and they did lots of fighting. But then at the end, Captain America says some stuff to him and at that moment the bad guy remembered that C. A. was -in fact- his friend. 
I think this film is a bit better even than Iron Man Three, because there are space ships, lots and lots of action shots and many more funny bits. It's more of a science fiction film than Iron Man.
I recommend this film for girls and boys as it is so exciting.
My next film review will be..........

Captain America can be seen in VOST at Gaumont Wilson Place Wilson. Toulouse.

Five Rectangles

Here's a maths challenge, taken from Gary Antonick's 'Numberplay' in the New York Times:
Create a set of five rectangles that have sides of length 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 units.
We tried it with Cuisenaire rods:

After we'd found five rectangles with those side lengths, we recorded them using the Cuisenaire Environment:

Here are more pictures:

 Then we started looking at the area the rectangles covered.

We got total areas of
120, 121, 123, 125, 130, 154, 161 and 184.

Next question: what is the biggest possible area?

Alicia answered this - use the biggest side lengths on the same rectangles:

Area = 190
Can you see why this is the maximum?

And then, what is the smallest possible area?

Mimi answered this one - use biggest and smallest lengths on the same rectangle:
Area = 110
Can you see why this is the minimum?

We finished this investigation off with a small puzzle: 
Make these rectangles, and then see if you can make a square by putting them together:
 1x6 4x7 5x8 3x9 2x10 
 3x6 4x7 2x8 1x9 5x10 
1x2 4x5 3x8 7x9 6x10
 1x2 4x6 3x7 8x9 5x10

This one bent the rules a little...!