Saturday, March 15, 2014


By Maia

When we got to Rome by aeroplane, we went on to an extra big comfy car. When we went in our room in the B and B, I was surprised how the room was nice, there was a picture of the Colosseum.

The first full day:

In the morning we went to a café that sold croissants,then we started to walk to the Vatican. The Vatican is a building that has domes and where the very famous paintings are.

About the pictures:

When we got inside we could not talk at all…

They were made by Michelangelo. Here is where S.Peter was buried:

The next day:

This day we went to the old Roman remains, interesting.

When we arrived we gasped.

All the things that we saw were about 2,000 years old!

This is one of my best bits because it’s a racing place.

I can imagine being with a horse and running round with famous people looking at me.

They are not sure if it was a private one or a public one. What do you think it was?

This definitely my favourite part:

The seven Roman poles.

I love these because I like how they twirl up.

I always like to smooooth them!

Do you like them?

That same day I got my first ever double ice cream!

I had tiramisu and chocolate !

Does that sound nice!?

The third day:

First we went to the Colosseum, it was AMAZING !

In the Colosseum there was a full day of entertainment, the gladiaters, my favourite part was at the end.

Gladiators fought until one of them died when they did, they put sand over the blood.

Gladiators were mostly slaves.

Gladiators didn’t just fight people, also animals.

Here is where the animals were kept.

They had something a bit like cranes attached on a cage to pull them on stage.

More than 70,000 people watched animals dying and circus performances.

I’m glad that I’m not a gladiator, and you?

The fourth day:

This day we went to Pompeii.

Pompeii is a village near a volcano called Vesuvius and the sea.

It was buried under ash for almost 2,000 years.

This is one of my favourites, The Basilica.

It must have been a good one, do you think so?

Inside they judged if people had been bad or good.

Have you been good…?

I really like Pompeii because it felt that you were on holiday and walking down a new modern street!

Here is a person that could not get away. Archaeologists put plaster into the holes where the bodies were, and we can also see the pattern of the clothes! The bones had gone exept the skull and teeth.

This is when I pretended to serve food to Mum at an old snack bar. You can see where they kept the food in jars to keep it warm.

The fifth day:

We went to gardens and we took a little bike ride...

It wasn't any sort of bike…

It was four in one bike!

It was great fun being in the front, there was a fake steering wheel! Would you like to be there ?

Some times it was scary because there were people in the way and we had to go down hill. There was a really funny thing that we had to sometimes. Toby and I had to take turns to pull the back because we couldn't move!

It was hard work sometimes, I only did it once.

Would you like to do it? This was a funny bit, where I had to stop peddling! We didn't have that much room to go round the fountain!

The last day :

The last day we had less time because we had to leave at four o'clock.

We went up a hill and had a picnic. At the top of the hill there was a lovely view, we could see The Vatican where the Pope lives and all the things we did. Down at the end of the hill was a really nice fountain. We watched a bit of a Punch and Judy show. If you don’t know what Punch and Judy is, it’s a funny puppet show. Punch and Judy originally came from Italy, which is why the puppets look almost the same as the English ones. The problem was that I don’t understand Italian, it makes my head dizzy!
Though I can understand the voice expression. Do you like puppet shows?

About my souvenirs:

The first day I bought two things: a glass ornament with the Vatican on and a bear cake mould.

When I came back I made a cake with it and it was scrummy!

I've put the glass ornament on my desk and I look at it all the time.

The next day I bought a Roman sticker book and I've already done The Roman shops, The Romans at dinner time and the gladiators.

Would you have liked it? When I went to Pompeii I bought a book all about Pompeii that I’m going to tell you about at the end.

The last day I had a double ice cream with cream on top !!!

The book:

In this book I learned that when the smoke started to come out people escaped, but people thought that they would survive in their homes but they didn’t.

The day before the explosion the earth rumbled and buildings crumbled a bit but the Pompeiians were used to it because they had bad earthquakes sometimes. They died because of the heat and because ash burns your lungs.

When it happened it started exploding at ten o’clock in the morning.


  1. Well done Maia! You've given us such an excellent account of your visit to Italy! Thank you!

  2. I can't believe you went to Pompeii! Vesuvio erupted ages ago and you got to see it!
    They made a film called Pompeii not long ago. It's about what happened.
    It's for more than 10 years old, so we can't see that film.

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  3. Lucky you! You got six whole days to visit Rome! The only places I visited was the Colosseum and some others that I do not remember. Did you know that the racing places in ancient Rome were very dangerous because they are going at a really high speed and if you are the winning horse, the Romans would kill you for sacrifice? I definitely would NOT want to be one!

    1. same! I went to Rome once but for only one day! I went in the white building thing but I can't remember what it's called!