Friday, January 31, 2014

Primary colours, secondary colours

In art we're exploring primary and secondary colours.

Here's Miss Whittaker explaining to 4G how to add primary colours to Mondrian-style pictures.

 Meanwhile; children in 4B were adding the three primary colours to beautiful lattices of circles.

Now it's time to mix and add some secondary colours:

After all this creativity, there was still one more really important thing to do: the clearing up!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

News by Ryan

Breaking News!

The biggest avalanche that has occurred in modern history happened in Salt Lake City, USA.  Luckily nobody was hurt, but an entire copper mine had to be shut down because of the avalanche.  Avalanches are mainly snow, but this one was rocks and dirt!  Here is a video about it:

My elephant news

There are lots of elephants that disappear just for their tusks.
Elephants are so cute: they are really helpful.
There are just 40 000 elephants left: we really need to help!

You can find elephants in Asia and Africa.
Each year, 12,000 elephants are killed.

Making circuits

We have begun our Science work on circuits.  Here we are making simple circuits on Tuesday.

Today we have investigated adding a switch.

Then we added an extra bulb.

We discovered that adding an extra component like a bulb or switch to the circuit makes the light from the bulb dimmer (less bright) than when only one bulb is used in the same circuit.  We decided this is because the current (energy) has a longer journey around the circuit and so the 'power' is less.

We are looking forward to the next step of our circuit investigations!

A Cuisenaire Multiplication Square

The plan was, to make a multiplication square

with the Cuisenaire.

We needed wooden rods to hold them in place:

We had to scour the school to find enough:

Each coloured area was going to represent one times table fact by its area.

Even then there weren't enough. Alicia brought some in from home, Mr Gregg found a blue nine that was actually ten long (!) and sawed that down, and we had to make two eights by hand. But here it is - da-daa!

Zooming in...

Morning Isle of Tune

Do you want a bit of Star Wars?
Hear is the Imperial March from Star Wars. It has more than
1600 smiley faces! Check it out!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Flintstones isle of tune

Hi today I looked at other people's isles of tune and I
found this awesome one called: Flintstones. Do you know the song?
Leave a comment if you like it!

Amazing isle of tune!

This boy made an incredible isle of tune called

Camptown Races. Do you know the song? If you don't look at it on youtube!

Wednesday Isle of Tune

This is the Wednesday isle of tune.
Today's isle of tune is called: Pantomime Curtain.
I hope Mrs Baldwin likes it!
Leave a comment if you like it.

Isle of Tune

Hi today I wanted to share my Isle of Tune with me!
It is a squared island really multicoloured.

The name of my isle is called: Best Tune Ever
Put a comment if you like it!

My American Summer Holidays! Day 1 Toulouse London New York

My brother went to a campus in Yale University so we went to pick him up.
This is the story of my American holidays.

I had to wake up very early to go to Toulouse airport. I was still very sleepy and tired.
I quickly dressed up and went to breakfast. When we were all ready we went on the car to go to Toulouse airport. At the airport I had some coffee at Paul's. Now I really do love coffee!
When the plane was there we entered it. It was a British Airways plane. The best thing about British Airways is the tomato juice. It's very tasty. Finally we arrived at Heathrow airport, one of the biggest airports in the world.

British Airways 747
We traveled past lots of terminals until finally we arrived at our terminal. We went inside a British Airways Boeing 747. It had mini TVs on the front seat and we could watch movies. After 7 hours on the plane we arrived at JFK airport in New York (John Fitdgerald Kennedy JFK). It was very big. VERY big. First of all we took the air train to the car rentals. The car rentals shop was called Dollar. We took a Florida Ford car to go to New Haven in Connecticut. It was a one hour journey by car. We passed New Jersey in the car. Soon after that I fell asleep. By the time we got to New Haven it was very late. Our hotel was called The study at Yale. Straight after that we went to bed.

This is Heathrow Airport:
Air Train

water news

La Garonne
The river has retreated, but look what it left behind!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Match patterns - Number patterns

In Year 4 we've been exploring number patterns using headless matches. First of all we made step 1, step 2 and step 3 of a pattern:

5       10       15

3     6     9

Keeping on going we got to step numbers further on too:

The idea was to work out how the pattern was growing and then, without making it, to say how many matches would be in the 20th step. Quite tricky with some of the patterns!