Sunday, March 23, 2014

Bird Nests

I had an interesting conversation with Miss Wilson on Friday about birds, we couldn’t think of the French translation for Black Bird which we now know to be Merle.
We started talking about wood pigeons and how they make a lovely coo sound; here is a recording from the British wildlife recordings library.
I told Miss Wilson that I have lots of Wood Pigeons and Ring Necked Doves in my garden and that in comparison to the other birds which nest in the garden, they make very basic nests of twigs, just twigs! All the other birds spend lots of time making intricate compact nests using lots of materials from the garden.

This gave me the idea to explore my garden in search of bird nests and take photographs to share with you all! The Birds are very busy at moment making new nests, these are nests from last year, will they get used again?

Firstly here is a Ring Necked Dove and her nest in my garden, it's very basic isn't it?

Can you see the nest in the bush on the island?
I had to wade through the water to get a close up!
As you can see, this nest is much more intricate than the dove’s nest. I’m not sure which bird made it, but I am guessing that it was a Blackbird as it’s quite big.
I have lots of Blackbirds visiting the garden, this morning whilst I was having my breakfast they were hopping  all over the garden collecting bits of fibrous material for nest making, but when I had finished and went out with my camera they all disappeared!! So I think they are camera shy.

I did manage to photograph some Great Tits, a Blue Tit and a Robin.

Can you see the difference between a Great Tit and a Blue Tit?
Here are some of their nests that I found around the garden.

This next nest is very interesting as it is HUGE and very high at the top of an Oak tree, I have no idea what nests here? Do you have any idea's? 

I love my garden, I find it inspiring. There are so many beautiful things to observe. Next weekend I will be exploring my pond for wildlife……
Here is a Raku bowl that I made, which bird do you think inspired me to make it?

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  1. That's wonderful to see those birds and nests close up! Thank you Miss Whittaker!