Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Dustbin Baby Book Review

It just started of when April ( the dustbin baby ) was going home with her 2 best friends Cathy and Hannah just talking. She didn't wan't tomorrow because it was 1st April the day of April's birthday. She just wished she could throw 1st April out the window and miss all her birthday. The next day Marion ( April's foster mother ) brought April a breakfast in bed with a large birthday present. April was sure it was a new phone because she'd been waiting for it for AGES! But the box was inside a box and that box was in a box and it went on till the box was tiny! " It's going on and on, looks like it's never going to STOP!" April groaned. " Just open the last box, then your goin' to see what it is " said Marion cheerfully. She opened the box slowly and carefully and then gasped in horror. " I thought blue moonstone studs would look good on you, matching with your blue eyes..." said Marion then interrupted by April. " I HATE THEM, I thought you were going to bring a phone. Everybody has them in my class except me, I am 14 and I have to have one! " screamed April. " Well April, you know what I think of phones " said Marion firmly. The tantrum started. Finally April decided to bunk of school. She went to the train station to somewhere in England and met all the her favorite people of her past.... When I started reading the book, I just feel I'm the person and I'm just so much in this book, I mean there's something magical in all of Jacqueline Wilson's book. When your half way through there's almost this portal that leads you to the place in the book and I can really imagine ALL the pictures in my head even though there's no pictures in the book! Enjoy reading her 1 day adventure!

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