Sunday, March 23, 2014

Los Futbolisimos

Episode 1
By Roberto Santiago
Illustrations Enrique Lorenzo.

One day there was a boy call Francisco Garcia Casas and he was in a team of football. He had missed the last seven penalties and no one wanted to see him take the next penalty shot.

His friend Elena said to him take the penalty and you will score. 

Okay, in the team there was a player called Camuñas with the number 1 shirt, he had ears so big that in any moment he can fly; he was very good as a goal keeper. With the number 2 is Angustias, with number 3 is Marlyn, she ran so so fast that sometimes you forget that she is a girl.

With number 4, Tomeo he  always kicked people and he said that to play football you only need to kick. With number 5, Toni  was a mixture of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, he always wanted to be in the best teams .With number 6, Helena she had the biggest eyes in the word and she was so lovely. 

With number 7, Francisco: "me, I am in a very rough patch, that we are the seven players who are always in the team. With number 8 Eight in Spanish Ocho he is so bad playing football. And with number 10 Anita the temporary goal keeper. Then there are Alicia and Felipe the coaches. Then one night when Francisco was watching the mobile Helena had sent him a WhatsApp and and it said come to the football pitch at 12 o'clock in the night. Then he told that to his brother and his brother said I will tell mum.
No please, said Francisco.
Ok, but if you do a video for me.
And he said that he needed to say: I love Helena. And he said that. Then at 12 o'clock he went to the football pitch and there was all the team and then Helena said if we lose the three last games we will not play any more on this team but we will still play together.
Ok who wants to be together?
All the people said me me me me...! 
And then they went. Next they had a game against Islantilla and Francisco's team scored a goal!
The first half was finished. Then they started of the second half, but the referee fell asleep! Then they needed to call a substitute referee and then the substitute referee had to give to the two coaches of the team of Francisco a red card! And they don't have any coaches, and at the end they lost.
Then they think that Chacon the coach of the other team had give somecing to the referee. And the next day one boy in the time of Francisco had by  somecings for go into the house of Chacon, all the team had go into the train to go to the house of Chacon, and then in the house there was a old lady and she let the boys go in and then they go up and down of the house looking for that wired thing for referees and then when Francisco see out of the door Chacon was there but they went runing, and then next day they they have a mach and they lose but they only had a mach and in that mach  the referee had asleep but in the last mach the father of Francisco had resolved all because he know that the second referee had do that shampo for the other referee because he never had do mach of referee and they win the last football mach and the time is going to be for alaways.                                                                                  
By Fernando 


  1. Bien por Fernando, se nota que has leído el libro que le regale y que ha disfrutado mucho con el, ya que se trata de fútbol y el es un gran aficionado y defensor de su equipo el Atlético de Madrid, me gustaría que sus gustos con su misma ilusión los fuera inclinando hacia la arquitectura, la pintura y la escultura....esperemos que si

    1. No spanish on the blogg maria.

    2. No Luis, it's OK. I think this Maria is in Fernando's family in Spain (an auntie?) so it's fine if she writes in Spanish.

    3. Yesssss your rigth thats my ant.

  2. You really enjoyed the book. Its a good book review.