Tuesday, March 18, 2014

BOOK REVIEW I am (Not) Nit a Loser

This story is really funny. It's spoken by and is about a boy (Barry Loser) who wanted to be in a shampoo advert because he thinks it will make him a star- it actually turns out to be for a nit shampoo. He goes to the audition with his friends and they win the audition, this sets the scene for all the action in the book.

Funny things happen all the time, like every time he jumps up and down with excitement Barry's trousers fall down and Barry imagines all sorts of strange things, like when the director of the advert gets cross and keeps blowing his cigar smoke in Barry's face creating a cloud of dark smoke and Barry imagines a giant director out in space (instead of the moon) blowing cigar smoke on the world. Every time the director is angry, there is a big black cloud of smoke at the same time!

There are crazy things and jokes on every page of this book, and the author changes the spellings of words to make them sound funny. For example.... smellchecked instead of spellchecked! 

To cut a long story short, after the disappointing advert, Barry starts a campaign against hurting insects/bugs called GIVE A BUG A HUG. But he and his friend end up catching fleas and having to use the nit shampoo.

If you want to have a real laugh, this is the book to read.


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  1. Great, Tobias! You are the first person in 4G to publish your book review!

    This is a new one for me - will you bring it in again so I can have a look?