Monday, October 7, 2013

A forest of factors!

After our work on factors and prime numbers this week, we created prime factor trees that show the unique set of prime numbers that make up each number. Here we are creating them:

We made the prime numbers into mushrooms:

Here are some of our pictures. The flowers are the prime factors.

34 has two prime factors: 3 and 13.
32 has lots of prime factors!
2, 2 and 7 are the prime factors of 28.
34 has two prime factors: 2 and 17.
7 is a prime number.
1 is really special. It's not prime, and it has no prime factors.
But it's a factor of every number.
All together, our pictures make a kind of "forest of factors":

The Forest of Factors
See how we presented our forest to the younger children here.


  1. I love your forest! Well done boys and girls.
    Pablo's mum

  2. I really like them, who made the bird one

  3. That was Cristina who made the bird picture. She took a lot of care with it!