Monday, March 31, 2014

Horsey and Frog - Frog having a ride

Pablo and Fernando's Varjak Journey

Claudia's and Clara's scratch

Varjak's Journey By Alicia and Penny

This is our Scratch project for Varjak Paw:

Varjak's Journey by Niamh and Sanika

Amelia and Cristina... Varjak has an adventure

Varjak's Amazing Adventure - Ryan and Mimi

Advait and Aksh

Maëlle Varjak Journey

Maëlle hasn't finished yet, but here it is so far:

Abi's stars

Sunday, March 30, 2014

V.I.P News Paper Reporter!

Hello everybody this is...


I'm going to be making newspapers, so I would really like if you could give me some news and then I can put it on my newspaper.
 Max: 3 Persons 

The team is ready!   Pablo  Luis  Abi Elie

Saturday, March 29, 2014

My First Ever Scratch Project

Its called Picoverload!
Special credits to my older sister, Ein who helped me, A LOT.

V.I.P Newspaper Reporter!

Hello everybody this is...


I'm going to be making newspapers, so I would really like if you could give me some news and then I can put it on my newspaper.

Just Ask!                      Email me or sign in on the comments if you want a job with me!
 Max: 3 Persons 

1 More persons to sign in!   Pablo  Luis  ?

Who will sign in?!

Scratch Project by ME!

Abi's first Scratch Project

Friday, March 28, 2014

V.I.P News Paper Reporter Starts The Action! The Weather

                                       The Weather

  Saturday: 18º / 12*. Sunday: 17*/ 11*. Monday: 18*/ 11*

I will put into the box...

All our boxes are up now! Here they are:

It's taken us a long time but we've been working hard on our wonderful boxes based on our Magic Box Poems and they're nearly finished. Miss Whittaker helped us all to complete our work to a high standard.

Here's a video of most of our fantastic boxes, completed.

Mapping Varjak's world

We've now read up to chapter 8 of Varjak Paw, and we've seen him begin to explore the Outside.

We've begun to map his new world:

You'll be seeing more of these great maps - watch this space!

My first Scratch project

Varjak meets a "dog"

Varjak's looking for a dog. But what is a dog? This must be one...

What kind of dog was this?                           - our 2 Ad sentences -

TobiasThe dog was a weird, giant monster, with round, rubber paws.
ClaraThe dog was a huge, terrible monster with a shiny, metal body.
MaiaThe dog was a nasty, fearsome creature, with glaring, meanless eyes.
FernandoThe dog was a huge creature, with a long space under the black thing.
Amelia The dog was a huge, loud, red monster, with sharp, metal teeth.
RyanThe dog was a frightening, terrible monster, with big, gloomy eyes
MaëlleThe dog was a ginormous, metal beast with strange, big ears.
PenelopeThe dog was a terrifying, metal beast, with enormous, yellow, glowing eyes.
Claudia The dog was a frightening, formidable beast, with red and white glassy eyes.
Cristina The dog was a enormous, steam beast, with bright yellow eyes.
Gustavo The dog was a tremendous, terrifying, brute, with devilish eyes of pure iron.
RozennThe dog was a striking, roaring monster who didn't stop for anyone.
JacquesThe dog was a fierce, evil demon, with whirling, rubber legs.
MimiThe dog was a monstrous, abominable beast, with staring, blank eyes.
Pablo The fearsome dog was a vivid, loud animal with transparent, gloomy eyes.
Alicia The dog was a fearsome, strange beast, with a glass, transparent forehead.

How did Varjak react?
                           - our Emotion, sentences -

MaiaGloomy, he walked along the dirty puddles.
Amelia Varjak was frightened, upset and scared
RyanTerrified, Varjak ran away.
Cristina Afraid, Varjak sprung away as far as he could.
RozennSelfishly, he turned away. It would disappoint the Elder Paw.
MimiPetrified, Varjak froze on the spot, knowing that he could not reason with this beast.
Pablo Baffled, Varjak stood with amazement in front of the wall.
Alicia Terrified, Varjak turned and ran far.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My favorite video games part 4

Happy Wars is another game I really like, so I'll tell you about it.
In this game there are lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of bosses.
In level five there is the pirate boss and he's SUPER strong, I mean it SUPER strong.
Here's a picture of him.

He's quite ugly isn't he?
And I'll show a picture of the robot boss.
Here he is!

That's all for today, fans.
See you next time I do a post!

Video book recommendations

Here are some of our video book recommendations::

First of all, Mickey and Minnie:

Next, The Famous Five:

And now, Junie B. Jones:

Next up, I am nit a loser:

Next, a non-fiction book, Nelson Mandela:

Then comes More Naughty Little Sister Stories:

Charlotte's Web:

And finally, Los Fotbolisimos:

There was a slight hitch with this video...

Varjak Paw - crisis!

We're reading S.F. Said's brilliant novel Varjak Paw at the moment, and we've got up to chapter five. A lot has gone wrong for Varjak and he might be tempted to despair.

His family have turned against him, the cats' owner, the Contessa, appears to have died, a strange man has arrived with two even stranger black cats.

And now Varjak is outside, facing the two black cats with his grandfather, the Elder Paw. His grandfather is telling him to climb the wall, to go and get help.

We've been trying to understand the Varjak's feelings as he faces the biggest crisis in his life...

Thank you to Alan Peat and Year 4 at Leigh St Peter's for the exciting sentence idea!

V.I.P News Paper Reporter!

Hello everybody this is...

I'm going to be making news papers, so I would really like if you could give me some news and then I can put it on my news paper.

Just Ask!                      Email: Sign In!                        Sign In on the comments if you 
Send me an Email!   

Sign In on the comments if you want a job with me!
 Max: 3 Persons 

2 More persons to sign in!   Pablo ?  ?

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Elephant facts

We've had four posts now about how elephants are endangered (click here and scroll down to see them - posts by Clara, Rozenn, Abi and Elie). So we've decided to try and do a little about it if possible.

The first step was to find out more about elephants, so we used the Internet to find out one thing each of us didn't know about elephants before:

  • Baby elephants suck their trunks!
  • An elephant drinks 7.5 litres of water at a time!
  • Adult elephants show little elephants how to use their trunks!
  • The adult African elephant’s trunk is 2 meters long – used for eating and drinking.
  • Elephants can weigh up to 6 tonnes (6000 kg).
  • The African elephant is the world’s largest land animal.
  • An elephant is scared of a little mouse. (True??)
  • Female elephants are called elephant cows.
  • Elephants can use their tusks to dig for ground water.
  • Only Asian elephants are trainable.
  • There is a little elephant species that lives in Borneo and is less than 2.5m high!
  • A baby elephant weighs from 200 – 250kg.
  • Elephants have six sets of teeth. If they all fall out they die.
  • Elephants are like chinchillas and lots of other animals that are hunted.
  • They grow up to 5m high. They grow all their lives.
  • Elephants’ ears are very large, and they use them to communicate with them. Flapping ears means either aggression or joy!
  • Elephants are one of the most intelligent animals.
  • People cut elephant tusks!

Year 4 IST play games with Klasse 3 DST

Today, we brought in games and played them with our counterparts in DST, Klasse 3. They had made some cakes for us too!

Next week we will be making pop-up Easter cards together. And it'll be our turn to provide the cakes!

Domino game

I want to make a huge domino train connecting the pieces from many dominoes but I only have two sets of them. Please can you help me lending me your domino?
I promise that I will  post a video.
Thanks in advance.

Penelope in London

On Monday morning (before school) my mum said: would you like to go to ...
I said :no !!! I don't want to go to school. m : London . To go shopping there .
P: Yes please!

And so on Saturday at 6:00 me and my mum went to London. Here are some of the things we did :

Day 1:

Me and my mum in the V&A museum.
The entrance.
On the second floor
Above the entrance
Next we went to some more shops
This is us in Harrods toy store these are the things we bought or things we liked.

1. A bear.
2. A baby Furby ( ...)
3. Three life size Elephants
4. A car
This is one of the cars.

Finally it was time for Wicked! At the start (before the show) I thought the bad witch (called Elphy) would rip the map!
When we came back to the hotel, it was 11 o'clock.

Day 2:

Straight away we went to Kensington Palace. We went inside and saw a lot of pretty dresses.

These are definitely my favourite .

After that we went to Harrods, a very expensive shop. We went to the toy department and I saw A BABY FURBY!!!
I also got a Teddy called Harrods

After we bought a bit more stuff from Harrods, we went to Hamley's. But we only got some build a bear clothes there. So we went to John Lewis and they had everything else we wanted and it was cheap.

I loved going to London with my mum.

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Star Wars Episode 1 The Phantom Menace Play Script Planing

Qui Gon Jin: Jacques                                      Obi Wan Kenobi: Alicia
Queen Neeyutnee (Queen Amidala): Abi        Padme (Queen Amidala): Pablo
Anakin: Gustavo                                            Chancellor Palpatine (Darth Sidious): Luis
Evil King Creatures: Tino Fernando                Royal Captain: Advait
Droids: Aksh David Vega Sara                      Jar Jar Binks: Maria
Darth Maul: Matias                                        Gungans: Irene Cristina Jesse Ryan
King of the Gungans: Miguel                           Anakin's Mum: Mimi
Watto: Sanika                                                Yoda: Tobias
Mace Windu: Maëlle
Introduction Speakers: Rozenn Clara              Ship Race Radio Speakers: Penny Elie
Decorator: Mrs Whittaker                               Script Helpers: Mr Gregg Mrs Baldwin

Songs For Script:
Tarzan Boy
Jailhouse Rock
Beat It
Tainted Love
The Power of Love

Do you like the songs?

At the end Qui Gon Jin dies, so I've planned to do this:
Darth Maul (Matias) cuts Qui's arm, but in real he just does it next to him.

We need:
Light sabers
Jedi costumes (Kimonos)
Shiny and bright clothes for the Queen Amidala and Neeyutnee
Costume for Yoda???
Gungan Costume???
Horns for Darth Maul
Captain costume
Costume for the evil creatures???

For the decorations:
Sandy floor for Coruscant
Nature backround for Naboo
Picture (or painting) for the palace of Theed in Naboo


Palace of Theed in Naboo:

Gungan City

Monday, March 24, 2014


Following our Hour of Code work last week, we've started using Scratch, to program the little cat to do a dance at first.

Just as in the Hour of Code it's about dragging blocks around, this time to tell the cat what to do.

It's going to be a very powerful tool with all sorts of uses!

Elephants are endangered

elephant-tusks-460_1016757c.jpgElephants are endangered because people kill them for there tusks and they use them to make ivory to make statues for no point and when they kill them they cut out their tusks and leave their bodies!
Now in some countries making statues out of ivory is banned and to buy anything made of ivory. There are about 470,000 - 690,000 elephants alive! Now 470,000 - 690,000 is a lot to us but for elephants it 's like there are 5 or 2 elephants are left in the world !

This is how we can save them:

1. Raise money and give it to WWF so they can save them.
2. Try to stop people hunting them .

And there are much more....

Complete the sentence...

Ready to go...

Train your Brain to be a GENIUS

I have a book collection and this is my best book, it is called Train your Brain to be a GENIUS.
After reading this book I’ve learned about the amazing brain and from reading the title you can guess what the book is about, this book is interesting because it has some learning games which can make you go from dumb to genius!
I like the information shown in this book
about the senses. The hard working brain
controls everything you do.
by Aksh

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Los Futbolisimos

Episode 1
By Roberto Santiago
Illustrations Enrique Lorenzo.

One day there was a boy call Francisco Garcia Casas and he was in a team of football. He had missed the last seven penalties and no one wanted to see him take the next penalty shot.

His friend Elena said to him take the penalty and you will score. 

Okay, in the team there was a player called Camuñas with the number 1 shirt, he had ears so big that in any moment he can fly; he was very good as a goal keeper. With the number 2 is Angustias, with number 3 is Marlyn, she ran so so fast that sometimes you forget that she is a girl.

With number 4, Tomeo he  always kicked people and he said that to play football you only need to kick. With number 5, Toni  was a mixture of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, he always wanted to be in the best teams .With number 6, Helena she had the biggest eyes in the word and she was so lovely. 

With number 7, Francisco: "me, I am in a very rough patch, that we are the seven players who are always in the team. With number 8 Eight in Spanish Ocho he is so bad playing football. And with number 10 Anita the temporary goal keeper. Then there are Alicia and Felipe the coaches. Then one night when Francisco was watching the mobile Helena had sent him a WhatsApp and and it said come to the football pitch at 12 o'clock in the night. Then he told that to his brother and his brother said I will tell mum.
No please, said Francisco.
Ok, but if you do a video for me.
And he said that he needed to say: I love Helena. And he said that. Then at 12 o'clock he went to the football pitch and there was all the team and then Helena said if we lose the three last games we will not play any more on this team but we will still play together.
Ok who wants to be together?
All the people said me me me me...! 
And then they went. Next they had a game against Islantilla and Francisco's team scored a goal!
The first half was finished. Then they started of the second half, but the referee fell asleep! Then they needed to call a substitute referee and then the substitute referee had to give to the two coaches of the team of Francisco a red card! And they don't have any coaches, and at the end they lost.
Then they think that Chacon the coach of the other team had give somecing to the referee. And the next day one boy in the time of Francisco had by  somecings for go into the house of Chacon, all the team had go into the train to go to the house of Chacon, and then in the house there was a old lady and she let the boys go in and then they go up and down of the house looking for that wired thing for referees and then when Francisco see out of the door Chacon was there but they went runing, and then next day they they have a mach and they lose but they only had a mach and in that mach  the referee had asleep but in the last mach the father of Francisco had resolved all because he know that the second referee had do that shampo for the other referee because he never had do mach of referee and they win the last football mach and the time is going to be for alaways.                                                                                  
By Fernando 

The Clumsy Crocodile by Rebecca Treays

This book is about a clumsy Cassy having trouble in her job. The book is really amazing because clumsy Cassy was dropping expensive things in the shop. Her boss was really mad at her, so he decided that Cassy would never come back if she needs a new job.