Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Star Wars Episode 1 The Phantom Menace Play Script Planing

Qui Gon Jin: Jacques                                      Obi Wan Kenobi: Alicia
Queen Neeyutnee (Queen Amidala): Abi        Padme (Queen Amidala): Pablo
Anakin: Gustavo                                            Chancellor Palpatine (Darth Sidious): Luis
Evil King Creatures: Tino Fernando                Royal Captain: Advait
Droids: Aksh David Vega Sara                      Jar Jar Binks: Maria
Darth Maul: Matias                                        Gungans: Irene Cristina Jesse Ryan
King of the Gungans: Miguel                           Anakin's Mum: Mimi
Watto: Sanika                                                Yoda: Tobias
Mace Windu: Maëlle
Introduction Speakers: Rozenn Clara              Ship Race Radio Speakers: Penny Elie
Decorator: Mrs Whittaker                               Script Helpers: Mr Gregg Mrs Baldwin

Songs For Script:
Tarzan Boy
Jailhouse Rock
Beat It
Tainted Love
The Power of Love

Do you like the songs?

At the end Qui Gon Jin dies, so I've planned to do this:
Darth Maul (Matias) cuts Qui's arm, but in real he just does it next to him.

We need:
Light sabers
Jedi costumes (Kimonos)
Shiny and bright clothes for the Queen Amidala and Neeyutnee
Costume for Yoda???
Gungan Costume???
Horns for Darth Maul
Captain costume
Costume for the evil creatures???

For the decorations:
Sandy floor for Coruscant
Nature backround for Naboo
Picture (or painting) for the palace of Theed in Naboo


Palace of Theed in Naboo:

Gungan City


  1. I know your planning ahead Pablo!

  2. Can I not take part of the play? I'm not too keen...