Monday, March 3, 2014

Watch for the summer!

Be careful this summer! Its looking to be quite sunny! Well anyway this talk is for your safety, if it is too hot then stay inside (20 or up) (less likely!) If it is mild but still warm and quite hot is safe, but not without sun cream. You need to ask if you have any sun cream! (18 to 16)If it is lower you'd probably put a little bit of sun cream on! (14 to 12)

This isn't to boss you about but it is to keep you safe because I don't want to hear "I got burnt by the sun!" after the summer holidays and maybe this holiday! 


  1. Great to see some advice on the blog Abi. Quite early for summer, but it makes me think of the sunny summer months ahead (with sun cream of course)!

    Are the figures you give in degrees Celcius (°C)?

    1. Yes! I think it's a bit too early to talk about summer, but it's good to see the sunshine in that picture. I remember when I go to the beach at summer. It's so great!

    2. Yes! I suddenly thought that JUST when I published it!

  2. Hi Abi if you are coming this summer to Spain have to be very careful with the sun you must protect with sunscreen 50 at least on the face and body, this YOU CAN way get brunette walking down the street and on the beach .