Sunday, March 23, 2014

Mickey and Minnie

By Gustavo

Mickey and Minnie were going on a cruise ship. In the cruise ship they were playing this game, curling.

When they went into the cruise ship everything was normal. Mickey saw some dolphins jump.

Suddenly, a car arrived and took Mickey. Mickey was in front of a secret agent.

The secret agent said to Mickey, "Are you prepared to be a secret agent?"

And he was.

Then at night time a robber came and stole a bag. Mickey rushed to get the bag. Mickey got the robber and the robber wobbled with anger. Mickey threw a curling stone and the robber fell down. Mickey got the bag, and the robber was sent to jail. Mickey gave the bag back.

Then Mickey spied on different rooms, but he didn't find anything. He looked for suspicious people. He finished the list. Then an old lady dropped her knitting wool. Mickey took it and was giving it to her when she said, "Mine! Mine!" and she smacked Mickey with her hand. Then a villain came with a gun and he took Mickey and Minnie in a room, with the old lady too, tied up with ropes.

Mickey used his teeth to get them out. Mickey punched the villain and Minnie kicked him, and they put him in jail.

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