Friday, March 28, 2014

I will put into the box...

All our boxes are up now! Here they are:

It's taken us a long time but we've been working hard on our wonderful boxes based on our Magic Box Poems and they're nearly finished. Miss Whittaker helped us all to complete our work to a high standard.

Here's a video of most of our fantastic boxes, completed.


  1. I have done my box and the rest of the boxs looked AMAZING !!
    You have all did it beter.

  2. That's a super short film girls, the boxes look amazing!!

  3. It really shows them off nicely in their 3D-ness, doesn't it!

    I'll add your photos to the post too, shall I, Miss Whittaker?

    1. (I'll have to just link to this video soon, rather than embedding it. It does that strange thing of behaving like a magnet and when you open the blog it always pulls you to it!)

  4. Fantastic displays, each one is like a tardis. As you take a closer look in side the more you discover.

  5. All of the boxes look great! But I think lots of people but cheetahs!