Saturday, March 22, 2014

My invented Star Wars Story


One day on the Death Star made out of CHICKEN, Darth Vader told his men to attack the nice planet made out of BROCCOLI. 

But one man didn´t put his clone wars clothes on! Instead he put his shirt on and trousers on!!!
He thought this was a film and he ate pocporn in the centre
of all the clones!

Darth Vader looked at him with his great giant red eyes. He said, "You! Why are you screaming and laughing?! Should I chop your head off with my chicken?!!!"
"No sir," said the man in a squeaky voice. All the clones stared at him. Darth Vader shouted "ATACK WITH YOUR CHICKENS!" 
The man run away! Suddenly Chewbacca came with his space ship. Chewbacca destroyed the baddies and the Death Star with his BROCCOLI!!!!

And they lived happily ever after.

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