Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Daisy and the Problem with Zoos

product_daisy-and-the-trouble-with-zoos.jpgI love this book because I think the book is really funny. I like the when Daisy goes to feeds the penguins. But then a problem happens Daisy steals a baby penguin. Her Mum is furious so she stops the car  very hard.  So they return to the Zoo. Daisy's Mum says she is extremely sorry. When Daisy and her Mum arrive home Daisy explains why she did it Daisy says because he/she was lonely. I love the series of this books. I have read two other books of this series called Daisy and the problem with Life and Maggots.


  1. This book must have been very funny!

    Mimi and Maëlle

  2. Y es you área bright it was very funny!!!María