Thursday, March 20, 2014

Me llamo Maria Isabel

The book is calledMe llamo María Isabel”. In English it means “My Name is Maria Isabel.”

Her full name was Maria Isabel Salazar Lopez.

The book is about a girl who went to a new school.

She lived in Puerto Rico and later on she moved to live in New York.

When she arrived to the new school there was already a girl called Maria, so the teacher said "I will call you Mary," but Maria did not like that short name.

She felt really sad not having her friends with her. That remembers me of when I moved to live in Toulouse and had no friends.

 One day the class had to write their biggest wish at the school and "Mary" described her wish.

First she thought her biggest wish was building a snowman. Then she thought her wish was to participate in the Christmas concert. Finally,  she understood that her biggest wish was to everybody call her Maria Isabel Salazar Lopez.

She got called Maria as her grandma from her father side that she never met.

She got called Isabel like her grandma from her mom side, who was called Isabel. Her grandma is saving money for Maria, so when Maria grows up she can go to university and do not work all day cooking in the kitchen like her.

 Salazar (is a last name) like her grandpa Antonio and her dad, and Lopez like her grandpa Manuel witch she never met too. He use to tell many stories! She knows that, because her mother tells her all of them.  

Then the teacher read her wish and in the end she called her Maria Isabel. 


  1. I would really like to read this story Cristina!

    1. If you want to read it, I can lend it to you.
      Just let me know!