Sunday, March 2, 2014

My Pyrenean mountain dogs!

My Pyrenean mountain dogs  are called Harry and Flores,
The Pyrenean mountain dogs are from the Pyrenees
They protect sheep,
They are very big dogs,
And they can jump o you!
My dog Harry weighs 60 kg because he all the time takes Flores's food and he ate three pairs of my horse riding boots!
My dog Flores weighs 34 kg.


  1. Aksh also has the same type of breed and his dog's name is Ishi.

  2. well elie I do L.O.V.E your dogs! But I wouldn't give out TOOO much information!

  3. Wow! 60kg, that is very heavy. You can't pick him up for a cuddle then! My dog Eva is big, and I can just about lift her....she weighs 23kg.
    Very beautiful dogs :)

  4. I have the same dog that is 6 monthes old and she's enourmouse