Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Magic Faraway Tree!

By Enid Blyton

I really like this book because it has lots of adventures but in only one place! I would recommend it to all readers. This book is about three children who's names are Beth, Frannie and Joe. Then they find out they have their cousin around for a while because his mum is sick. This boy is called Rick. Rick is quite a naughty person because in the land of do-as-you-please he wanted to wade out to sea! And then brrrrriiiiinnnngggg! there was the sign to the sea! So Rick decided to wade out up to approximately his shoulders! There is the land of goodies and loads and loads more! I think you should read the collection of them with the faraway tree like The Enchanted wood or The Folk of the Faraway Tree! 


  1. Well done Abi, I loved it a lot.

  2. Thankyou! If you want to read it I would be very happy to lend it to you and every body else!