Thursday, March 20, 2014

Frankenstein Teacher by Tony Bradman

It is about a school with a teacher that is gone for some days over a weekend.  So then Frankenstein comes and teaches the children.  The children were terrified and amazed.  They were alright because he was helping the boys and girls and he said thank you and stuff.

One day without any teacher knowing, Frankenstein and the students went to the swimming pool.  When the teachers discovered it they nearly made Frankenstein go away from the school.

In school the class had a hamster.  It was a really cute, fury pet.  The boys and girls took care of the hamster.  One day a car crushed the hamster and he died.  When Frankenstein found it he was really sad and got the hamster to his castle.  He operated on the hamster.  When the operation finished he had scars everywhere but he was still dead.  Frankenstein had an idea, he said "We need to put some electricity" and he did.  Then he saw the hamster started moving.  Frankenstein said "Hip hip hooray!"

By Miguel

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