Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Adventure of Carlo and King Ricotta! Part 1 The Roman Menace

Once upon a time there lived a king called King Ricotta. His real name is Nicola Ricotta.
He was a rich king with lots of golden coins, but bad news came to the town of Cremona.
The Romans stole money from the Cremonian palace. The king wanted a revenge, so he started war against the Romans.
The leader of the Romans decided not to go to war because King Ricotta said it was a revenge.
King Ricotta wanted war, but they never let him. Ricotta called his men to go and destroy their castle and their soldiers…

"Your majesty, should I get your men ready for battle"? "Yes my son".
His son is Prince Carlo The Brave Ricotta. He also fights in war, but King Ricotta is worried because he doesn't want his son Prince Carlo The Brave Ricotta to die. Josephina The Brave (his mum the queen) wants Carlo to go to war to get all the money from the Roman king Ricardo The Salvador.
Carlo called all the men to get ready on their horses.
They traveled for days and nights to get to Rome, but they soon got there.

Nicola's men started to bomb the castle. It was all obscure black because of all the ash and smoke.
Carlo was in one of the corridors. Ricardo The Salvador was in the same corridor. "Hey you give me all your money"! "No I won't Mr Salvador Dali"! "Ok you have to give me 1000000 euros in 1 week or I will kill your mother and father"! They tried to menace Carlo. He has to do it otherwise Ricardo
will kill his parents. This was a horrible promise that Carlo had to do...


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