Friday, March 28, 2014

Varjak meets a "dog"

Varjak's looking for a dog. But what is a dog? This must be one...

What kind of dog was this?                           - our 2 Ad sentences -

TobiasThe dog was a weird, giant monster, with round, rubber paws.
ClaraThe dog was a huge, terrible monster with a shiny, metal body.
MaiaThe dog was a nasty, fearsome creature, with glaring, meanless eyes.
FernandoThe dog was a huge creature, with a long space under the black thing.
Amelia The dog was a huge, loud, red monster, with sharp, metal teeth.
RyanThe dog was a frightening, terrible monster, with big, gloomy eyes
MaëlleThe dog was a ginormous, metal beast with strange, big ears.
PenelopeThe dog was a terrifying, metal beast, with enormous, yellow, glowing eyes.
Claudia The dog was a frightening, formidable beast, with red and white glassy eyes.
Cristina The dog was a enormous, steam beast, with bright yellow eyes.
Gustavo The dog was a tremendous, terrifying, brute, with devilish eyes of pure iron.
RozennThe dog was a striking, roaring monster who didn't stop for anyone.
JacquesThe dog was a fierce, evil demon, with whirling, rubber legs.
MimiThe dog was a monstrous, abominable beast, with staring, blank eyes.
Pablo The fearsome dog was a vivid, loud animal with transparent, gloomy eyes.
Alicia The dog was a fearsome, strange beast, with a glass, transparent forehead.

How did Varjak react?
                           - our Emotion, sentences -

MaiaGloomy, he walked along the dirty puddles.
Amelia Varjak was frightened, upset and scared
RyanTerrified, Varjak ran away.
Cristina Afraid, Varjak sprung away as far as he could.
RozennSelfishly, he turned away. It would disappoint the Elder Paw.
MimiPetrified, Varjak froze on the spot, knowing that he could not reason with this beast.
Pablo Baffled, Varjak stood with amazement in front of the wall.
Alicia Terrified, Varjak turned and ran far.

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  1. These are great sentences Y4. Well done. I really enjoyed this book, including the illustrations and particularly the one of the dog-car. Did you know there is a 2nd book about Varjak to look forward to?
    Miss Ash