Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Penelope in London

On Monday morning (before school) my mum said: would you like to go to ...
I said :no !!! I don't want to go to school. m : London . To go shopping there .
P: Yes please!

And so on Saturday at 6:00 me and my mum went to London. Here are some of the things we did :

Day 1:

Me and my mum in the V&A museum.
The entrance.
On the second floor
Above the entrance
Next we went to some more shops
This is us in Harrods toy store these are the things we bought or things we liked.

1. A bear.
2. A baby Furby ( ...)
3. Three life size Elephants
4. A car
This is one of the cars.

Finally it was time for Wicked! At the start (before the show) I thought the bad witch (called Elphy) would rip the map!
When we came back to the hotel, it was 11 o'clock.

Day 2:

Straight away we went to Kensington Palace. We went inside and saw a lot of pretty dresses.

These are definitely my favourite .

After that we went to Harrods, a very expensive shop. We went to the toy department and I saw A BABY FURBY!!!
I also got a Teddy called Harrods

After we bought a bit more stuff from Harrods, we went to Hamley's. But we only got some build a bear clothes there. So we went to John Lewis and they had everything else we wanted and it was cheap.

I loved going to London with my mum.

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  1. What a fantastic weekend Penny! And you've shared it with us so well!