Monday, March 24, 2014

Elephants are endangered

elephant-tusks-460_1016757c.jpgElephants are endangered because people kill them for there tusks and they use them to make ivory to make statues for no point and when they kill them they cut out their tusks and leave their bodies!
Now in some countries making statues out of ivory is banned and to buy anything made of ivory. There are about 470,000 - 690,000 elephants alive! Now 470,000 - 690,000 is a lot to us but for elephants it 's like there are 5 or 2 elephants are left in the world !

This is how we can save them:

1. Raise money and give it to WWF so they can save them.
2. Try to stop people hunting them .

And there are much more....

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