Friday, April 13, 2018

I am visiting this place after so long to remember amazing moments that happened in G4. I am currently in G7.

Friday, October 3, 2014

You can't step into the same river twice

Well, things change, time moves on, Year 4 children become Year 5 children. The classes that made this wonderful blog and all that's in it have gone on to new teachers, new lessons and they have a new blog for Year 5.
And there's a new Year 4  now. They have their own blog too, though we often look to this one for inspiration.
Thank you to everyone who contributed, or visited, or commented on this one. It will stay here as a record of a fantastic year!

Saturday, August 9, 2014


Hi friends!

I went to Alsace not long ago and I saw all my cousins! I went to "la montagne des singes" mountain of monkeys and I saw loads of monkeys that looked like Sisi! Visitors get some popcorn, then they hold  out the popcorn and the monkeys would grab it! One day I think that monkeys are going to evolve into humans. I also went watching wild animals with my uncle who is a game keeper.
We saw:

  • Nine deers
  • Six rabbits
  • Two hares
  • Two dogs
  • One cat 
( The cat and the dog aren't important )

I went to Europa Park.
Don't worry if you don't know what it means its German ( Ask Luis if you want to know what it means ).
We did so many attractions. My favourite was probably the wodan and euorosat  ( That's German too, just ask Luis what it means ).

I had a massive party with my uncles and aunties and cousins and we celebrated my birthday there!
If you didn't know my birthday is on the twelfth of August.
I also went to la volerie des aigles. There were eagles flying all over the place and one of them flew just   above my head! We also went to le Chateau d'Andlau and another one in Barr.

Well that's all I've got for today. Bye!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Cheeky and Zebedy

Cheeky and Zebedy
When I got home Cheeky was very excited. I thought it might be good to first introduce him to Zebedy the Zebra because he comes from the same factory and they’re the same size. As Cheeky is a monkey I decided they should have some sort of
“bouncy fun place.”It worked really well because
when I pulled it it would bounce up because of the
elastic bands. Then, I thought that they might get lost in my bed so I both made them a mini-bedroom.
First,I noticed that Cheeky’s bed-room was too small so, I made one a bit like Zebedy’s. I wonder what I’m going to do next….  


                   BY MAIA…

Summer writing challenge - and reading!

Here is the Summer Writing Challenge Prompt Sheet.

And here is the link to Oxford Owl e-book collection.

Happy writing and reading!

Spain wins World Cup!

With the eyes of the world on us, we knew the semi-finals of the Blow-Football World Cup were tremendously important...
Congratulations Spain, and also Greece who were in the final too!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


On Friday we said our goodbyes to Ryan and Jesse; today there were three more people to give all our best wishes to:
We will miss you! Keep in touch!


From Jacques:

Meanwhile, not in Brazil...

...every bit as exciting and important, the World Blow-Football Cup is in progress!

Factor Captor

Factor Captor: One player puts a counter on a two digit number, the other puts counters on all the factors of that number.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

From Jesse and Ryan


we`re in Paris and am really missing you.
Soon we will send a blog post about are trip
with Coco and Nutty to the U.S.

From Jesse and Ryan

Saturday, June 28, 2014


There was a noise of running hooves as alpacas started crowding towards the King's palace. Everyone was chattering excitedly as they bustled towards the construction. There were news about the King summoning an alpaca. The heroic type of course. There had been a lot of kidnappings in Alpaconti lately, the supercontinent that they lived on. There has hardly been any in the last few thousand centuries. So, every one of the alpacas were talking about it. The palace was a huge structure nearly entirely made out of quartz blocks. A summoning was a special occasion because it had only happened twice. Then, everyone fell silent as the King suddenly came out of the palace and onto the balcony. He looked at the alpacas below.

ʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʡʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʡʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʡʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʡʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʡʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʡʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʡʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʡʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʡ
ʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʡʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʡʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʡʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʡʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʡʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʡʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʡʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʡʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʡ
ʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʡʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʡʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʡʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʡʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʡʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʡʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʡʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʡʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʡ

"I am ready for the Summoning to begin," he said.

A butler walked up to him and gave him an enchanted sword named Ashrune. Then, he stabbed the sword in to the ground. Next, he muttered some ancient spells and after a few minutes, a blinding light flashed into the sky and the alpacas gasped. Something was falling from the sky! Everyone started panicking.

"Do not worry, citizens!" he shouted. "I will use a spell to stop it from getting hurt."

And that was what he did. The falling thing was now falling much slower than before so it was like it was floationg to the King's balcony.

The 'thing' was in fact, a little male alpaca with a headband that read 'Satoshi'. He was still asleep and didn't seem to notice that he, before, was falling from about 500 metres. While he was sleeping, he looked more like a small sheep than an alpaca.


'He looks rather cute, to be honest.' thought the King. 'He also looks like Shoop Sheep the Cotton Ball'.

He sent for his butler to drag the sleeping Satoshi into a spare guest room.

4 hours later...

Satoshi suddenly woke up. He had woken up from a strange dream of alpacas. There was a king alpaca and it stuck a sword and then he started falling out of the sky. It was the weirdest dream he had in years! Yet while he was awake, he could still see them! Was he going CRAZY??? No he couldn't be...
Then the truth suddenly dawned to Satoshi... he had become an alpaca.....



Friday, June 27, 2014

What connections?

All the numbers from 1 to 90. Let's take two of them:
3 and 69. What have these two numbers got in common? What connections are there between them?

More Big Questions

This year in 4G we've had our "Big Question Times". This week we wrote either some new questions, or ones we still wanted answered more fully:

Any ideas?

my year3 blog

The link is here

class blog

The Blind Man and the Hunter

In Year 4 this week we've returned to Hugh Lupton's book of Tales of Wisdom and Wonder. We particularly liked a story called The Blind Man and the Hunter. You can read it with your eyes here or listen with your ears to Hugh Lupton telling it here.

We talked about general statements you could make about the blind man, sentences with words like always, often, never, and sometimes. Here's some that we wrote:

Latin Squares and Euler Squares

Yesterday in 4G, as a five minute thing at the start of the maths lesson, the challenge was to make Latin squares, where each colour appears only once in each row and column of a square:

Mr Gregg tweeted an image of this and got a reply that took it further:
So... diagonals...
We used a Word document (switching the gridlines - 2cm - on, to snap to grid) as there aren't enough plastic squares for everyone to have a go!
Ryan was the first one to get it!
Well done Ryan! After that, lots of others found a way.

Mr Gregg had had another tweet:

So, now for something much harder.... Euler squares! (We've met Mr Euler before!)

Mr Gregg had made a Word document for this too. This time there are shapes and colours, and both have to be organised!
Mr Gregg said we wouldn't try for very long because it looked very hard! But, just as he said, "Right, that's enough," Rozenn shouted out, "I've done it!"

And she had - well done Rozenn!
 Here it is, recreated in plastic squares:
A big thank you to all the people on twitter who helped us!

Mr Euler said it was not possible to make this kind of square if its size is 2, 6, 10, 14...
He was right about 2 and 6, but in 1960 it was discovered it is possible with 10 and all the others:

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Algebra with shapes

Mr Gregg came across these shapes in Foundation Stage:
They're called Rolf Circle Fun, and they're just right for a bit of algebra...
We used this blank sheet:
and, with Paint, coloured in sections. (Only the Rolf shapes were allowed.)
Next we named some areas of the shape: b c 
We could see quite quickly that b + c = a
So, armed with this, we were able to start describing all the areas in our designs with abcs. Like this:
Here's a slideshow of some of our creations: