Friday, November 29, 2013

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlie Bucket is very  poor. He lives with his parents and his four grandparents in an old wooden house on the edge of a big city.  His grandparents have been in their bed for more than 20 years!

Mr Willy Wonka is the most famous chocolate maker in the entire world.  He has put a golden ticket in five ordinary chocolate bars.  Whoever gets one of these chocolate bars gets to visit his chocolate factory.

The first four winners (Veruca Salt, Mike Teavee, Violet Bauregarde & Augustus Gloop) are greedy.  The fifth winner is Charlie but he gets one chocolate bar a year and that is on his birthday so how does he get the last golden ticket?  He buys the winning chocolate bar with a five pence coin he finds on the street, how lucky!!

Bad things happen to Veruca Salt, Mike Teavee, Violet Bauregarde & Augustus Gloop because they are badly behaved children.  However Charlie and grandpa Joe finish the visit safely...

Mike Teavee is my favourite character because I played his part in my previous school production.  I like the Oompa-Loompas as well because they look funny.

I like the Veruca Salt scene because when she falls in the hole her dad pokes his head down and a squirrel pushes him in.  It is hilarious!

I will recommend this book because it is very humorous but it also sends the message that you have to be a good person to be rewarded.

Thursday, November 28, 2013


Year 4 have been busy measuring capacity this today, estimating and measuring how much water ten containers could hold. We were very careful not to get the water everywhere!

When we'd measured the ten containers we entered all our measurements onto a Google spreadsheet:

Having all the data there helped us to spot a few suspect measurements and fix them. 

Fantastic Mr Fox

In a farm lived animals hunters. Under ground lived four foxes. Their  house was a tree and Mr Fox went to get some chicken for lunch. The farm's alarm switched on and the fox was in a hurry! On the way back the hunters were there and suddenly they shot at Mr. Fox tail and unfortunately he lost its tail and it was very sad.

Afterwards he went to his house to eat a chicken. After eating the chicken the fox said: "Mmmm! It's delicious but I'm thinking that I'm not safe at home".

The foxes went to a hole and it was safe.

I like this book

The Twits

The Twits were really bad and they were clumsy old maggots. At the end their head got stuck to the floor. The animals were putting everything upside down, but not the house. There were superglue on the floor. Mrs. and Mr. Twit's heads glued on it. Then they shrieked into pieces. One day Mr. and Mrs. Twit put glue on the tree and three boys came. Then they climbed on the tree and they got stuck. Suddenly, the boy's trousers got left up there and the boys fell down. Mrs. Twit made a bird pie and it had dead birds on it. That was disgusting! Then, they ate the pie. I like this story, but the Twits were horrible.

Esio Trot

It all started with Mr Hoppy was in love with Mrs Silver but Mrs Silver was already in love with... Alfie the tortoise,and Mr Hoppy  wanted to do something for her like saving her or something.
But Mrs Silver didn't want someone to save her she just wanted Alfie to get bigger.

So Mr Hoppy thought for some moments and wrote to Mrs Silver:  


Then Mr Hoppy said to Mrs Silver to whisper it to Alfie.

When Mr Hoppy arrived to his flat he called all the pet owners, for all of their tortoises they had, and when Mrs Silver went to work Mr Hoppy put a bigger tortoise in Mrs Silver's balcony and again and again and at the end the tortoise was very big and it didn't fit into its little house so Mr Hoppy just took another one. So Mrs Silver married Mr Hoppy and all the tortoises including Alfie went to the pet shops.


This story is about Roald Dahl himself and tells us about when he came home from school with his four friends they went to the sweet shop to buy sweets. The thing that most disturbed the children was a horrible woman with an apron that was really dirty with bits of old breakfast on it and when she pick up the sweets the children think "there are no more sweet shops in the village, we need sweets to live". Roald Dahl buy one Liquorice Bootlace and one of his friends, called Thwaites, told Roald Dahl  that Liquorice Bootlaces was made from rats' blood. Thwaites has got a father who was a doctor and his father told Thwaites about these sweets.

I think that the woman at the sweet shop needs to be more nice with the children and more clean. I think that  Thwaites ' dad said that Liquorice bootlaces were made from rats' blood because he didn't want that the children to eat sweets.

I don't have this book and I really want to read it all.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

This book is fantastic! 
Charlie lives in a poor house and one day he gets a golden ticket which means he can go to Mr Wonka's magnificent chocolate factory.
So he goes to the chocolate factory and meets lots of excited children  from around the world.
Once he gets inside it looks amazing!
Magnificent sweets filled every room! Chewing gum, chocolate, and even a boat that floats on a river of melted chocolate. 
The trouble is, those other children are not very nice and we all know what happens to naughty children, don't we? 

An Odd Job For Bob and Benny

This book is about two children who are bored and they make a sign saying that they could babysit someone. There lived an old lady and she was desperate to see her sister but she could not because she had a pet elephant in the house. But then she saw the poster while walking the elephant. She gave them her elephant but they weren't expecting an elephant, they were expecting a baby!

She put a note on the doorstep then went off.  It was hard for them to look after the elephant because they did the complete opposite things that the lady had written in the letter.

At the end they discover that she likes buns and found her eating lots of buns at the bakery.

It was a good story because it had more than just normal people in it. And they did funny things to make the elephant happy like put her in their bed. And it’s funny because they like mess and so does the elephant.


I love the start of the book and I'm looking foward to reading the rest of the story. I liked the bit where it said Roald Dalh 's favourite sweets . Roald Dalh 's favourite sweets were: Sherbet Suckers and Liquorice Bootlaces. They were my mum's favourite sweets when she was little as well as Roald Dalh's favourite sweets. I also liked the part where it says the sweet shop lady had a moustache on her upper lip and she also had a mouth that looked like as sour as a gooseberry.I wouldn't like to go into a shop with a shop keeper like that at all!!!!!

Galileo's trial

Following our homework last week, we began retelling the story of Galileo's trial this week. We rehearsed plays to get the events clear in our head:

We used some words from the sentence passed on Galileo to help us.
Galileo, you are vehemently suspected of heresy, for saying that the Sun is motionless at the centre of the universe, and for saying that the Earth is not at its centre but moves. 
You have said this is true even after the Church has declared that it is contrary to Holy Scripture. You must abjure, curse, and detest those false opinions. 
You are sentenced to imprisonment at the pleasure of the Inquisition.

Your book, the so-called Dialogue, is banned. No-one may print, sell or read it. It will be destroyed.
Here are a couple of our drama pieces:

After the drama, we were really ready for writing:

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


It all started when Matilda was very small.
She had secret powers that she kept hidden in her mind.
She first discovered her powers when she tipped over a glass in school  in front of the headmistress. Matilda was foolish because the headmistress was very dangerous, she was very strong to.
She was ashamed of herself. Why did I do this? she asked herself. This all happened when she was very small (5 to 6 years old).

She told her teacher called Miss Honey, who was very nice.
Matilda relied on Miss Honey. Miss Honey didn't believe
Matilda when she said that she had tipped the glass over in class! Then Miss Honey took her to her house. They had a good time together. Matilda's parents weren't very nice by the way.

Matilda had always wanted to go to school and then when her dad said that she could go to school she hugged him! She was really excited and she was very happy!

When I read this book I could not stop myself. (I did of course have to stop reading it when I had to go to bed!) I love this book, it's amazing, it's awesome, it's....

There is a very good ending which I'm going to keep secret because otherwise it will spoil it for you!

Esio Trot

Mrs Silver had a part-time job. she worked from noon until 5 o'clock every weekday afternoon in  a shop that sold newspapers and sweets. That made things a  lot easier for Mr hoppy. So on that  first exciting afternoon, after he had made sure that  Mrs silver had gone to work, Mr hoppy went out on to his balcony armed with his long metal  pole. He called this his tortoise-catcher . He leaned over the balcony railings  and  lowered the  pole down on to Mrs  silver's balcony below. Alfie was basking in the pale sunlight over to one side. Hello Alfie  Mr Hoppy said. You are about to go for a little ride. He wiggled the tortoise-catcher till it was right above Alfie. He pushed the hand lever so that the claws opened wide. Then he lowered the two claws neatly over Alfie's shells and pulled the lever. The claws closed tightly over the shell like two fingers of a hand. He hauled Alfie up on to his own balcony. It was easy.

 I really liked Mrs Silver the best. She was my favourite character in the book. Great story!

The Twits

The story off the twits by Roald Dahl 
It's about a lady and a man that do not like each other.
Mrs Twit wanted to do a trick so she did she put her fake
eye in Mr Twits cup when he was not looking and as you imagine
he jumped out of his skin !
The more Mr Twit was shocked, the more Mrs Twit laughed and laughed.
So Mr Twit wanted to pay her back and he actually put a frog in her
bed - YUCKY! 

Near the end Mr Twit says that she has the shrinks so Mrs Twit
starts worrying, (She has not really got it but she believes him!) 
So Mr Twit put her on some balloons, he was going to leave her
but Mrs Twit says"are you sure that I'm safe?"
And Mr Twit says "I will sort it out" and he cuts some strings and she goes flying. A few seconds later Mr Twit was already thinking
about the joke and all the marvellous time he would have without Mrs Twit. (Read it to know about it.)

At first Mrs Twit looked nice but she kept on thinking that she was ugly so gradually she went ugly and became so ugly!   

How Things Look Like and What They Had

Mr  and Mrs Twit had one horrible tree in their garden and their tall grey house.
Mr Twit had four monkeys a dad and a mum and the two children .   
The house has no windows because they hated the children!

Back To The Story

Now Mr Twit loved bird pie. 
To get the birds he put the stickiest glue in the world on his horrible tree
and the birds flew on it and got captured .
One day four boys investigated the garden and went to see the
monkeys and then they went on the tree to sit down and  they got STUCK!(Because of the sticky glue!)
A boy had an idea so he cried out "leave your trousers alone"
so the boys fled as fast has they could with their bottoms stuck OUT!   

If you want to find out the rest read it!

The Enormous Crocodile

One of the characters in this story is the Roly-Poly bird. The Roly-Poly bird is building a nest in an orange tree. Berries are his favorite food in the world. He has long beatiful feathers in his tail.

"The little Dragon Coconut"

Ingo Siegner is a German author who writes some lovely stories for children.

My favourite stories are all books from the little dragon Coconut.

Coconut and his best friends, are the porcupine called Matilda and the most scary eating dragon called Oscar, had in every story an scary and exciting adventure.

My favourite adventure is " Der kleine Drache Kokosnuss reist um die Welt".
It means "The little dragon Coconut travels around the world". In this story Coconut tries to rescue Oscar from the clutches of the bad "Murk".

One story of Coconut is translated into English. The title is "Little dragon Coconut and the Black Knight".


This is a story of a little girl called Matilda that her parents are not nice to her. When she was 4 years old she was enthusiastic to read! One day she asked her Dad "Can I have a book please?" "Why on earth do you want a book theres a lovely TV and now you want a book!!!". Matilda was really sad, but one after noon Matilda looked at a special magasin that you could look at what shop  were in the village so she found a library that was 10 minutes away from her house. Next what she did was go to the library. When she arrived there, there was a lady so Matilda asked where the books for children were. The lady said "There to the right in the corner" "Thank you"said Matilda. When she had finished the book she said to the lady that " I have  enjoyed reading it" then the lady said " cried  Matilda. The lady was shoked in amazement . Then the lady explained that you could take them home and bring then back after 2 weeks Matilda was extremely happy. One night when the family was watching TV and Matilda was reading her book her father camed to her and screamed " Can you not stop reading and watch TV "! So her father began to brake the book " But this is not my book Dad it's from the library" cried Matilda. So one afer noon Matilda went to Fred's house (It is his friend ) when she  arrived there she asked Fred if she could have his parrot… I have loved this book!!!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


One lovely morning Mr. Hoppy, was watering his plants. He had a secret, he loved a women called Mrs. Silver, but never told her. The trouble with Mrs. Silver was that she gave all her love to somebody else, and that somebody was a small tortoise called Alfie.

One morning, Mrs. Silver mentioned to Mr. Hoppy that even though she has had Alfie for many years, her pet has only grown a tiny bit and has gained only three ounces in weight. Mrs. Silver wanted to know how her little pet could grow larger. Mr. Hoppy was thinking of an idea how to make little Alfie grow bigger.

So Mr. Hoppy ran in the house and got a pencil and a piece of paper and wrote:


Mr. Hoppy got a string and tied it to the piece of paper, and lowered it down to his neighbor Mrs. Silver. Mrs. Silver took a good look at it and asked Mr. Hoppy what did it mean all those strange words. Mr. Hoppy explained to Mrs. Silver it was tortoise language so they can grow quicker. Mr. Hoppy told her she must whisper them every night to Alfie, and that in one week Alfie would be 2 ounces more than he was before. So Mr. Hoppy afterwards went to the pet shop and bought all the tortoises from the shop, and brought them home. When Mrs. Silver went to work, Mr. Hoppy every time exchanged the tortoises to be exactly the same color shell and 2 ounces more than it was before. After he lowered the tortoise down and looked what happened...

One day Mr. Hoppy looked over the balcony and saw Mrs. Silver worried and shouting "Mr. Hoppy come down and help Alfie to get in his house." 

So he ran down stairs and knocked on the door ''knock knock.'' A voice said ''enter.''  Next he told her she must change the word bigger to smaller on the piece of paper he gave her, so Alfie could become smaller. 

They had tea, and while they drank the tea Mr. Hoppy asked Mrs. Silver if she would marry him and Mrs. Silver said ''yes!" and they lived happy for ever.

My favorite character is Mr. Hoppy because he is like a magician, but also a bit of a liar . 

Clay work with Frances Marsden

As part of our IPC topic 'Significant People', we have been looking at the French painter and sculptor Niki de Saint Phalle.

Early in November we posted pictures of our own creature designs in the style of her work and today we have had the opportunity to create 3D models from clay.

Thank you to secondary art students and teachers for letting us use their special 'clay room'.

First we traced our design onto a slab of clay.

Next we went over our design to make it stand out.

Then we cut out the designs.

Next, we needed to put front and back slabs together.

After we'd cleaned up the edges, our creations were ready for Frances to take home and fire in her kiln.

In a few weeks she'll bring them back and we'll paint them!

Matilda by Roald Dahl

Matilda is a very good book.

My favourite part of the book is when Matilda puts superglue in her father’s hat. He puts his hat on when he goes to work but when he tries to pull it off as he gets home he can’t. When Matilda’s mum comes home she asks Matilda’s dad why he still has his hat on and he says it is because it had glue on it and it was stuck. She picks up some scissors and starts to cut it off, but when she finishes he nearly doesn’t have any hair left.

I really enjoy reading and my favourites books are written by Roald Dahl because they have lots of interesting and fun characters. My favourite character is Matilda.

Haiku of Roald Dahl

                                I like Roald Dahl.
                                His books are of adventures
                                And of real laughter.

The Twits Chapter one

It all started when Mr and Mrs Twit lived in a little house, they didn't like each other. "Ha here you are Mr Twits where do this frog come from hum I hope not the swamp even if she come from the swamp." 

At the beginning they were so pretty but now they are so hairy because they didn't wash themselves and their hair got dirty.Mr Twit had some food in his beard like tomatoes, beans… One day Mr Twit went to dinner, he had spaghetti. He looked at Mrs Twit and waited for her to go in the kitchen and there she went.   Mr Twit  thought that he could go outside for a while to take some slimy worms. As fast as he could he went to the dining room and put all the slimy worms into her plate. He thought that she won't see the slimy worms in her spaghetti. When she came back, she said "Thanks for waiting here." "Ha what is this!!" screamed Mrs Twits,  Mr Twits I can not trust you! Where have got those slimy worms from?! Go outside." Mr Twit went near the swamp and saw the little horrible frogs. He had an idea: Why don't I take one and put it Mrs Twit's bed? He went back home and went to the bedroom and secretly put the frog in the bed. Mrs Twits went in her bed. 

"Mr Twits you will have to sleep outside!""OK!" Mr Twit said. "OK, I'm sleeping outside if you don't want me to sleep in here." "Mrs Twit said, "Get out of here Mr Twits.  If you don't get out of here I'm gonna kill you with a knife, Mr Twit." And there Mr Twits went outside and Mr Twits was about to fall asleep and he just heard a "HA A A A A A!!!" It was Mrs Twits she saw the horrible frog in her bed. Mrs Twits went outside the house Mr Twits was in big trouble…

"Ha here you are Mr Twit where did this frog come from hum I hope not the swamp even if she come from the swamp."

Fantastic Mr Fox

Mr Fox moved out of his safe cave with his family to a tree hollow.  It was a very dangerous place to live, but in the near there was a farm where Mr Fox got a lot of excellent food.  In the night when it was dark he went out to hunt. The men of the farm were very angry, because Mr Fox stole their food.

The men got so angry that they looked for the cave to kill Mr Fox.  They had to be patient until Mr Fox came out of the cave. When he went out the men shoot their pistols at Mr Fox.  They got him!  Mr Fox bled a lot. Mrs Fox looked at him and saw that the injury was not so bad. 

Family Fox didn't go out of the cave. The men had an idea, they wanted to dig a hole around the tree. They came back with a dipper.

But Mr Fox was a tricky and clever fox. 

He dug a hole under the tree. By the way, Family Fox met some new friends. One day, he had finished the hole and saw that his hole was under the farm.

Mr Fox and his family invited all his new friends to come to a big feast with a lot of food from the farm.

Fantastic Mr Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox it is my favorite Roald Dahl book because it's all about a fox which is my second favorite animal. The protagonist is Mr. Fox and the antagonists are three nasty farmers named Farmer Boggis, Farmer Bunce and Farmer Bean.

The mean farmers try to capture Mr. Fox but he is very, very clever. The farmers try to surround him and starve him so he'll have to come out. However, Mr. Fox is tricky and digs tunnels to find food and to help his family and friends to not starve.

There is an exciting part of the book where two big mechanical shovels try to dig out Mr. Fox and his family but they quickly run away. It makes your heart beat really fast to read it!

This book teaches you about bullying. You should not bully because it's very unkind. It also teaches you that if you're ever trapped, you can dig your way out.

Mr. Fox is able to throw a feast for his friends and family and they are all able to celebrate in a big party! I would give this book 1000 out of 1000 stars! It is a really fantastic book! If you read it you will really enjoy it.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is my favourite Roald Dahl book by far; I just couldn't put it down! I loved how it was filled with excitement, silliness and mouth watering sweets (made by Willy Wonka, the greatest chocolate inventor ever). The treats were described in such good detail that I felt like I could actually picture them and they sounded so good that I wished they were real! My favourite description was a lemon soda filled pool!

Charlie (the main character/protagonist) lives in a small old house with his two parents (Mr and Mrs Bucket) and four grandparents. They are very poor, but even so, Charlie loves chocolate. Unfortunately Charlie`s family is so poor that he only gets to eat chocolate once a year, on his birthday.

Something very unexpected happens to Charlie by pure luck and changes his life. It wouldn't have happened if he hadn't had a keen eye. It is a good change for the whole Bucket family and the story has a very happy ending.

This book teaches you that if people tell you not to do something then you should really think about that. Some of the children in the story were told  not to do something but decided to do it anyway. They ended up getting into a lot of trouble. It also teaches you that things can change in your life, just like that;  if you are having a rough time, keep having hope.

I don`t want to spoil the surprise but it was a 10 out of 10 story and great for all ages above seven years old.

Fantastic Mr Fox

Fantastic Mr Fox is a super book, if you haven't read it you should really do! Mr Fox has a family that is always chased by two evil men who want to kill them! The men try all sorts of things, but none of them work. Mr Fox and his family had had enough of the 2 men so they decided to play tricks and traps on them. 

One of my favourite parts was when Mr Fox had to dig an underground hole for him and his family because it was too dangerous for them to hide where they live, and Mr Fox found out that the men found out where they were hiding and were surrounding them. At night he peeked his head out to see if the coast was clear but they were still there, but they were sleeping. At the end of the story they invited the other animals that were also chased by the men for a GIANT FEAST in their HIDING HOLE!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Esio Trot

Mr Hoppy loves Mrs Silver.
One day Mr Hoppy buys one, two, three, four, five ,six and many many more tortoises.
He isn't going to show that because he wants to keep it a secret.
Mrs Silver had one tortoise. Because Mrs Silver know that Mr Hoppy knows many things about tortoises, she asks if he can help to get the tortoise to grow much bigger. He said:

 Esio Trot, Esio Trot, Teg Reggib, Teg reggib! Emoc No, Esio Troto, Worg Pu, Ffup Pu, Toohs Pu! Gnirps Pu, Wolp Up, Lleups Up! Egrog! Elzzug! Ffuts! Plug!Tup No Taff, Esio Trot, Tup No Taff, Tug No Traf, Teg No, Teg No! Elbogg Doof.

Then when Mrs Silver went to the office he got the tortoise and found the weight and had to get a bigger one.

He wanted Mrs Silver to see the tortoise had grown and yes it was a little bit bigger!

When the tortoise was really big then she asked Mr Hoppy if the tortoise can be a little smaller and he said yes, then he said the words in the language the turtles. He said the words and it was smaller and Mr Hoppy asked if she wanted to marry him. She said yes and they married. That was my favourite part.