Friday, February 28, 2014

Wizards vs Aliens Chapter 1

One day there was a wizard. He thought he was a normal boy. When the danger came his father and gran had to tell him about him being a wizard!
"Josh we need to tell you something very important."
"Ok dad."
"Me and your gran want you to know that you're a wizard and there is a big danger coming- King Fluffy."
"What! I am a wizard! Wow! I have been working out, By the way is King Fluffy a big ball of animal hair?"
"No, he is a big black monster, he brings wizards to his spaceship and takes their powers! You must keep the wizard world a secret to humans!!"
He was amazed; he wanted to tell his friends but he had to keep it a secret. But he could not keep it, so he told his friend Michael and Michael said - "Wow, Josh, you are a ..."
"Shhh! You need to keep it a secret, OK?"

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