Monday, February 17, 2014

For Elisa Play Script

Ludwig: Pablo
Elisa: Penelope

The Beethoven Family.

Beethoven's Brother: Luis
Beethoven's Dad: Jesse
Beethoven's Mum: Rozenn

The Family of Elisa

Mum: Clara
Dad: Ryan
Big Brother: Gustavo
Little sister: Sara

Friends of Beethoven

Dominik: Jacques
Gustav: Tino
Frederic: Miguel

Friends of Elisa

Conrad: Tobias
Roxane: Amelia
Anna: Alicia

Bar servers

Lilianna: Niamh
Ella (Isabella): Cristina
Victoria: Irene

On stage People

Claire: Vega
Amanda: Maria
Sophia: Claudia
Marc: Fernando

Security Guards

Gino: Aksh
Georgio: Advait
Gregorio: Matias
Edward: Maia


Jinn: Mimi
Sally: Sanika
Justin: David

Abi, Elie: Narator

Set in different chapters

Chapter 1 Nonsense

Narator: It all started when Ludwig was getting ready for the party
Rozenn: Come on you're going to be late
Pablo: Ok ok Calm down
Rozenn: You don't say that to your mum!
Luis: Ha ha you got told off.
Pablo: Don't you dare repeat that sentence otherwise I will cut your lip.
Luis: Mummy Ludwig is gonna cut my lip!
Rozenn: It's always that nasty cheeky boy!
Jesse: Wowowo what's going on here has my paintbrush droped
Rozenn: Can I put a zip on your lip
Luis: Hey that rhymes
Pablo: It's not time for baby nursery rhymes
Jesse: Ludwig don't tease your brother
Pablo: Bla bla bla I'm going to the piano
Narator he starts playing
Rozenn: We have to go now!
Narator: They arrived soon
Pablo: By mum i'm going in!
Aksh: Ahem wait a second
Advait: Where are your tickets?
Pablo: They are… WHAT!
Matias: Come on we are waiting
Maia: Speed up what's wrong with your brain?
Pablo: Oh here they are
Maia: Thank you!
Advait: Bye
Matias: Go in!
Aksh: Don't be so rude!
Narator: They went inside
Pablo: Wow this place is big

Chapter 2 The Little Sister

Narator: Meanwhile Elisa's Family are getting ready
Clara: ELISA you are gonna be late!
Penny: Yeah I know i'm busy doing maquillage
Clara: I don't care about your stupid maquillage
Ryan: It's already half past eight and you needed to be there at quater past!
Gustavo: There's a TV program that I want to see
Ryan: Which one is it?
Sara: You know what, i'm more intelligent than you because he wants to see the film Killing Monsters
The Family (except sara and gustavo): Mamamia!
Penny: I also know a fact about him to he didn't do his homework
The Family (except penny and gustavo): Mamamia!
Clara: You are going to your bedroom
Gustavo: Ok Ok (softly)
Gustavo: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Sara: Did you hear how he screamed
Penny: How he creamed you know that his face is not an Ice Cream
Clara: I'm going to the garage with Elisa
Narator: They enter the car
Penny: There's to much trafic jam
Clara: Come on you cheese face move up I need to go to a party!
Penny: Mummy I need to eat!
Clara: You need to wait until we get there

Song: Rolling in the Deep

Chapter 3 The stage performers

Clara: Bye bye
Narator: Something stopped her
Maia: Wait a second!
Aksh: Where are you going?
Penny: I'm going inside.
Advait: Remember
Matias: Your tickets!!!
Penny: There here.
Matias: Thank you
Narator: She entered the big hall
Penny: I'm going to die I need a drink!
Penny: Mmmmm that beer was tasty!

At the other side of the hall

Pablo: Are you all ready guys!
Stage performers: Yes!
Pablo: Claire, get your violin ready
Vega: Ok!
Narator: The music starts playing
Sanika: Come on Justin you are taking ages!
Mimi: Sally he is taking thousands of sweets
David: I'm coming
Mimi & Sanika: Well if you're coming COME!
David: Ok Ok
Narator: The music starts and the dancers dance
Sanika: Ahh! You put your foot on the wrong place so you steped my foot!
David: I'm so sorry Sally!
Mimi: I'm singing i'm dan…
David: STOP stop stop. You should hear this song not Singing in the rain!
Mimi: I don't even care!
Sanika: Stop your nonsense and dance!
David & Mimi: OK Sally

Chapter 4 Instrument Hide and Seek!

Narator: The music stops
Fernando: Sorry about that little mistake!
Claudia: I'ts alright Marc you don't have to worry about anything!
Fernando: Thank You. Hey! Where is my piano gone!
Claudia: Hahaha!
Fernando: You stole it!
Claudia: Oh NO I didn't
Fernando: I'm going to ask Amanda!
Fernando: Hello Amanda
Maria: Hello Marc!
Fernando: Do you know where my piano is?
Maria: No! But I think Claire has been a little cheeky. Why don't you ask her?
Fernando: Ok i'll go
Fernando: Hi Claire! Amanda just told me that you have been a little cheeky
Vega: Me? Why me i've only been cheeky since ONE month ago!
Fernando: O'really?
Vega: Yes!
Fernando: Ok. I know exactly who stole my piano! It was Sophia!
Claudia: Ahhh! I'm telling you it wasn't me!
Fernando: Oh yeah! Well why were you saying hahahahaha? Because it was YOU Sophia
Claudia: I'm so sorry
Fernando: Well if you're sorry… GIVE IT BACK!
Claudia: I can't give it back!
Fernando: Oh yes you can!
Claudia: Oh no I can't. I just gave the piano to a girl called hmmm what was it. Oh yes it was Elisa
Fernando: Who is that Elisa?
Claudia: She is a piano teacher. She has dark black hair, and she loves Ludwig's music
Fernando: I really want to see Elisa! Right NOW!

Chapter 5 Time for food and Elisa

Narator: Ludwig's friends want to eat something
Niamh: Hi Dominik!
Jacques: Hi Lili!
Niamh: Have you brought your friends here?
Jacques: Oh yes for sure! C'mon guys! You're late for the dance!

Song: We are the champions!

Cristina: You are definitly not the champions at all!
Irene: That's true
Niamh: Remember last year they threw Gustav and Frederic some hot chocolate!
Cristina & Irene: That was the best bit!
Miguel: It's not funny even last year you nearly fell in a beer pot!
Jacques & Tino: That was the best bit!
Bar Servers: It's not funny!
Others: Oh yes it is! (Cary on 5 times Oh no it's not…).
Niamh: Well what are you waiting for do you want a drink?
Miguel: Yes for sure Lilianna!
Tino: I want 3 cupe of beer
Irene: Really! You will go crazy if you drink all 3!
Tino: Oh no I wont!
(Tino opens the three beer bottles and throws one bottle at each bar server). (Water!)
Cristina: I'm all soaked!
Niamh: Me too!
Irene: Me three!
Jacques: Me fou…
Tino: Don't join in the girls Dominik!
Jacques: I'm sorry
(Pablo comes on stage)
Miguel: Look at that!
Pablo: Woah! Be careful Frederic don't go and kick that young girl!
Miguel: I wasn't going to kick her, I was going to follow her.
Pablo: Frederic! You already have enough friends!
Miguel: It's not that! It's her!
Pablo: It's her what? Her hair?
Miguel: No HER!
(Miguel faints)
Pablo: He needs to be more careful! He nearly broke my ankle!
Niamh: Ludwig. Do you know what he is doing?
Pablo: No I don't!
(Fernando runs on stage shouting "The Piano The Piano"!
Fernando: The piano the piano!
Irene: What are you looking for?
Fernando: I'm looking for this girl called Elisa
Cristina: I know a certain Elisa. Elisa is my next door neighbour!
Fernando: Ok, now I need to find Elisa because she stole my piano!
Niamh: I see her right there!

Chapter 6 The Piano!

Narator: Marc is running to find the piano but a girl called Elisa was going to play the piano
Alicia: Conrad!
Tobias: What is wrong Anna?
Alicia: Where is Elisa!
Tobias: I don't know? But why are you acusing ME!
Alicia: Because I know you love to hide things!
Tobias: Yeah! But not people!
Amelia: Hey guys what's up!
Alicia & Tobias: Nothing
Amelia: Nothing! If it's nothing we are not going to do nothing! We are going to rock the disco!

Song: Gangnam Style! (Everyone comes on stage to dance)!
Narator: After all that disco we hope you've enjoyed the dance now what about some classic music?
Amelia: Oh No! I HATE classic music!
Narator: The actors aren't supposed to speak to the narator
Amelia: Well I am!
Tobias: Hey hey hey!
Alicia: What
Tobias: It's Elisa!
ALL: Ahh it's Elisa!
Penelope: Hello could I have some space plea…
Fernando: (Shouting Noise) I need that piano! Give it NOW!
Penelope: No I wont!
Fernando: You're just an evil girl that doesn't share!
Penelope: I'm not an evil girl! (She starts playing the piano)
Alicia: That is what I call amazing music!

Pablo: Where is that music coming from?
Miguel: Over there!
Tino: Over there Ludwig! There's a girl playing on the piano!
Pablo: That must be that certain Elisa! The neighbour of Ella!
Jacques: Could you please…
Pablo: Bye bye I need to go and see Elisa!
Amelia: There's a boy running!
Alicia: I know who it is. It's Ludwig van Beethoven! The awesome composer!
Tobias: Oh, Him!
Pablo: Hello I know what your name is it's Elisa!
Penelope: Eh! You interupted me!
Pablo: I know but could you please play a piece of music for me?
Penelope: Yes! For sure! (She Playes)
ALL: Bravo!
Pablo: Could I ask you a thing please?
Penelope: Yeah!
Pablo: Why don't you play one of my written pieces.
Penelope: Because their TOO hard!
Pablo: Well I could give you an easier piece tomorrow!
Penelope: OK

Chapter 7 Elisa and For Elisa

Narator: The next morning Ludwig is walking through the streets of his town to go to Elisa's house
(Ding Dong)
Cristina: Hello Ludwig!
Pablo: Hello Ella!
Cristina: Where are you going?
Pablo: Well. You told me that you were a neighbour of Elisa. Which house is it?
Cristina: It's the next one at the right of me
Pablo: Thank You!

Pablo: Hello Elisa!
Penelope: Hello Ludwig!!! Are you the boy from yesterday?
Pablo: Yes I am!
Penelope: Have you got the sheet?
Pablo: Yep! Here it is!
Penelope: (She tries the music) I love the music! It's much easier to play! It's tone is sad and happy!
Pablo: I know it is!
Penelope: Thank You SO much for the piece of music!
Pablo: Bye!
Penelope: Bye!

Abi: After Elisa is really glad about the piece
Elie: She even sold it around the world!
Abi: That's why it's popular all around the world!
Elie: And one last thing… Thank you for coming to our Play
(All bows at the end)

People thought the girl was called Elisa but it was another name.

By Pablo


  1. Good one Pablo! Are we really performing this though?

    1. Well… I REALLY WANT TO! Iv'e also done another script when you were not here at school. It's at Year 4 Poems it's called: Crime at the Guggenheim Play Script. Thank you for commenting!