Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Adventures of Shyneert: Introduction

Holgerty Mist is a small boy very different to us.
He lives in a planet called Shyneert. He lives in the town of Schistik. He had one secret private power
and it was… The mist. Holgerty was the ruler of the mist. His mother is called Stania Burn she controls and burns fire. Every person in Shyneert has ONE unique power.
You will meet Holgerty in his adventure stories. He is the real hero of all Schistik!

He will also travel to other planets and other cities all over the mysterious universe!
You will meet his teacher and his best friends and an extraordinary life for him.
Things you will find out about this city in my stories:

What they eat

What they love doing

Typical food

Favourite sport

And planet creatures.

Hope you will enjoy my stories!