Friday, February 28, 2014

The Revenge of the Shadow

One day a shadow came out of a box.
The shadow wanted to avenge his defeated grandfather.
The people who defeated his grandfather were:


The shadow searched and searched and found their location. It was:

International School of Toulouse

The shadow climbed through the vent and hid In Pablo's closet. In the night when Pablo was getting on his PJs, he was kidnapped by the shadow and he screamed. Everybody got up and saw the shadow and...

They where running and running but Pablo had a plan that nobody knew! Pablo had shadow handcuffs in his pocket. He suddenly turned and grabbed the shadow and it did work! Pablo asked why he was doing this, the shadow said, "Because you made my grandfather go to the secret shadow jail; so why did you do that?!" Because he was doing bad stuff and we tried to ask him to be nice but he did not listen so we had no choice to put him in a secret shadow jail!" 
"Oh, so I  need  to be good and that will not happen?"

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  1. Shadow handcuffs - where did you get that idea, Elie?