Friday, February 7, 2014

The animal half monsters and Krrish Part 1: Werewolf trouble

Once there was a happy little town, it had no trouble, no bad things. the town lived happily you can think not even a rat to live in the town. But one stormy night people in the town got scared. A storm was blowing like crazy. The next morning people found footprints of something strange. That same day at 8:00 people were running, they were shouting Werewolf! Werewolf! Run!

Then suddenly people saw somebody flying in the sky. It was the new hero of the town. People called him Krrish.

(I copied the picture and the name from the Hindi movie Krrish 3)
People were happy, mixed with scared the were wolf was coming closer, but Krrish came flying and gave a kick on his face and he used all the power and punched him and POW the werewolf died. Everybody celebrated the win but Krrish had gone flying back where he came from.


  1. Krrish is obviously a real pro at getting rid of werewolves! I wonder if there's anything he finds a bit more challenging, Advait?

  2. Yeah Mr Gregg this is the starting but the more series are over the more stronger monsters come to attack the town.

    1. Great! It's good to see a hero really challenged!

  3. If Krrish killed the werewolf then he killed a human because a person can only turn into a werewolf if one as biten them... It would have been easier to wait until it has turned back normal then give it wolfsbane or something. Just pointing it out.

  4. Mimi in this story actualy a bad man became a werewolf so krrish knew it with the powers.