Monday, February 3, 2014

Miss Ash's treasure

Miss Ash took some time out of Year 2 and came to us to share a treasure. She said that most of her treasures are not "things" as such, but her family, her husband... the sort of "thing" that she couldn't bring to us.

But she did bring one thing. And she told us the story of it. When she was young she liked some kinds of music, like Adam and the Ants, and her parents were sometimes a little scornful of it. But one person was always interested - her great grandmother.

Her great grandmother also had a surprising thing that she enjoyed: wrestling!

This is Miss Ash when she was small:

And this is her great-grandmother when she was small:

She used to run a pub:

There is a story that she used to have a goldfish that lived to the very old age (for a goldfish!) of nineteen years. It was called William. Sometimes it would float upside down - not usually a good sign with a goldfish. But Miss Ash's great grandmother would add a little scotch to the water - and all would be well!

Anyway, all these things are connected with the ring that Miss Ash's great grandmother gave her. She always used to say, "You'll have this ring when I die." Miss Ash used to find that a sad thing to say. But now the ring reminds her of all the good things about her great grandmother!

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