Saturday, February 8, 2014

The the animal half monster and Krrish part 2 : the dino disaster.

In the middle of the town there was a prehistoric museum. In the  middle of the museum there was a dinosaur. In the middle of the dinosaur there was something happening. It grew a heart,and suddenly from the size of a 16 inch dinosaur MICRORAPTOR,  it became the size of three brachisaurus and suddenly at 12 midnight  BOOM BOOM BOOM it grew skin and opened its eyes and started walking. Then it saw a man sleeping (it was the guard) and it ate him up.

It broke the doors and it was raining.
Then in the early morning the people noticed the dinosaur was missing and they saw blood on the floor.

They saw the dinosaur was missing but something was behind the people it was the dinosaur

Krrish again came to the rescue. He was a bit late but his fight took some time suddenly scratch!  Krrish  got injured but he didn't give up  and first broke the dino's teeth then he jumped very high and he did a somersault and jumped on him very hard.
But the dinosaur just turned back to normal and was put back at the museum.


  1. Great work did you do this on your own?

    From alexo1 and willo1

  2. Wow we like when you used the BOOM BOOM and BOOM. Next time you could describe the ruby heart.