Friday, February 14, 2014

Making our treasure boxes 2

We've been getting things together to make our treasure boxes, bit by bit. People have been really helpful, lending each other things that they needed for their boxes, and now we can start making them.

In 4G:

Penny brought in a snow leopard for Pablo and a yellow flower for Maia.

Pablo brought in R2D2 for Gustavo, Duplo men for Tobias and General Greivous for Jacques.

Claudia brought in lots of things. She has lent some to Fernando and some to Amelia.

Clara brought in butterflies for Cristina, and diamonds for Claudia and Amelia and a sword for Jacques.

Amelia brought in a mini hot chocolate for Pablo and a little leopard for Alicia and a rabbit for Clara.

Mimi brought in a plastic strawberry for Alicia.

Jacques brought in a time machine for Gustavo and a gold coin for Fernando.

Well done everyone!

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