Thursday, February 27, 2014

Elie news


Children working in school [th000043] >Stock Photos | Royalty Free ...Homework is very important for you because if you have a test and you have a very bad score, well, when you are older you would not get a job and a jobs is important because it gives you money so you can buy a house and stuff that is important. Well, that's not what's going to happen if you do not work hard!

TV safety

Don’t Watch Scary Movies with Your Kids | Parenting Tips For Raising ...There are some channels who are not suitable because they can have some violence and swear words... And they can give you nightmares!

Bye everyone. That's all from me. See you next Thursday!


  1. Awesome news Elie! The TV thing is really important. You have to respect the rules that say -10 -12 -16 -18. If you don't respect them, you remember it forever and you can't forget them.

    1. Yes I think to but I think it's 12-16-18

    2. I usually don't obey and once I watched something that was really inappropriate, but I don't even watch TV now! And also, homework can be bad for the environment because the more homework you have, the more trees they have to chop down (gosh I'm probably going to be shouted at for this comment)!