Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The animal half monster and Krrish part 4 continued : the strong vampire 2

And Krrish fell down  THUD.  Then the vampire flew down and spat blood on Krrish's face. Krrish tried to wake up but the vampire stopped him. Then suddenly he kicked the vampire and flew up. The vampire chased Krrish but he was jumping in the speed of wind.
The vampire turned into a bat and chased him as fast a bat can fly.

Zooming went Krrish, flap went the vampire . They had a chase for lot of time. Suddenly Krrish turned back and threw a spear at the vampire. It struck its chest and the vampire lost balance, but it didn't die. It removed the spear, but there was only twenty seconds for the sun to come and the sun cane and the vampire died.

Suddenly, after the vampire turned into bones the people came and the people said it was the thief 's bones and everybody knew it was the bad thief who had become the VAMPIRE.

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