Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My Favourite Films TOP 5

My favourite films TOP 5 are awesome weird and cool
I'm going to show you them by putting pictures on this post.

Number 5:
This film is funny crazy and hilarious!
It is:    


          Do you like it?

My number 4 is awesome.
It's an adventure in space. It's the coolest:
Star Wars 1

Number 3 An adventure on an island with alive foods!
Meet the film:

My number 2 More hilarious than hilarious.
It is:

My famous NUMBER 1 from when I was little is coming up on the blog.
Number 1 when I was small was:

I'm telling you my really really FAMOUS number 1 NOW is………….

Star Wars Episode 2!

Hope you like it!
Put a comment if you like it!

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