Tuesday, February 18, 2014

How To Make Friends!

Hello! Today i'm going to show you how… To make friends!
It's easy…

  •  When someone new comes to school help him/her find their way. If he/she doesn't know where to go lead him/her! That is really important!  
  • At the cantine sit next to that person to make him/her feel happy.
If he is lonely at lunch ask him if he wants to sit with you and your friends.

  • If she sits next to you at your table talk to her, be nice, don't be agressive.
If he is shy, talk to him don't be mean!

  • Play with that person at play time.
Imagine that person is left out at play. Go and encourage him/her to play your game.

  • If other people say nasty things to him go and tell them he is like all the others and deserves respect.
Every person in the world is like all the others.

The very last thing is…
  • Treat people as you like you be treated.

This was how to make friends! 
Let's all respect the rules!


  1. Thank you Pablo! Because of you, I can help the new girl in Year 3, Cristina!

  2. Pablo,
    This is great advice. Thanks for sharing!
    Ms. Halbert
    3H Crew USA

  3. I think this is a wonderful post - and everyone in the school should see it and think about it! Well done Pablo!

    1. And - as you see - I've added the photos we set up for this post.