Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Mystery Club: Chapter 2

By Maia - continued from Chapter 1

The Jungle Girl

Well, we went to a tree and made a house. We worked SO hard until it was very good.

At that exact instant that we finished it...
A young woman slid down a tree.
"Who who are you?" she stammered.
"Well first we need tell you something..." Maia said.
"We've turned 24," explained Mimi.
"We're normally 8 and some 9," added Pablo.
"We need to be in Mr Gregg's class now!" cried  Sanika.
"Calm down. I'm like you. I'm called Alicia," Alicia whispered.
"Are you in our class?" we all asked.
"Yes " replied Alicia.


  1. Oh this story looks great in the start only Mr Gregg

  2. I really like the two chapters!