Tuesday, February 11, 2014

How To Draw Manga

I'm going to start a series of How to Draws so stay tuned! Sorry but I don't know how to draw the body! I'm gonna try my best to explain but if you don't understand then here's 2 links:
How to draw a Manga girl
How to draw a male Manga character
If you don't know how to draw the eyes then watch this (maybe watch this before drawing your Manga): Ways to draw Manga eyes
I hope this is useful. Just leave in the comments if it helped you, or not.

Step 1:
Sketch a rough circle, and don't use those thingies shaped like circles because then your Manga character would look really, really weird, trust me.

Step 2:
Draw a horizontal line under the circle so that the circle is sitting neatly on the line.

Step 3:
Draw a vertical line in the from the top to the bottom of the circle. If you do it longer then it will be even more helpful and will be easier.

Step 4:
Start outlining the shape of the head. The chin and jaw area has to be a bit pointy like this (only for a girl's, because they're easier to do, if you ask me, if you want the boy, it'll be easier if you follow the video and if the face looks too big, you can resize it by redrawing the lines! ) :

Step 5:
Draw your character's neck. I don't know how to do it properly so I suggest you leave it out.

Step 6:
Draw another horizontal line, maybe 1 or 2 centimeters above the first one you have drawn.

Step 7:
Start sketching the eyes. The upper line would be the bottom of your character's eyes.

Step 8:
Draw the circle-ly thingies of the eyes. You have to watch the videos.

Step 9:
Remember, the younger your Manga is, the bigger the eyes are.

Step 10:
Try to even the eyes out. If your character is winking, draw it a bit like an arch sort of line.

Step 11:
Draw the eyebrows. Draw them depending on their moods.

Step 12:
Erase the lines that you have drawn. You won't need them anymore!

Step 13:
Draw the hair. And the more lines you put on the hair, the more realistic it becomes.

Step 14:
Shade it. It is really hard for me as well so you should maybe not do it?

Thanks and please tell me your results by commenting! Bye!

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  1. What a great idea, Mimi
    I'd like to watch it too. Do you do demonstrations??

    1. I might. If you have spare time maybe.

  2. Yesterday I tried it and it turned out pretty good!

  3. For the people who tried drawing it can you bring it to school so I could see? I wanted to see if it helped.

  4. Wow Mimi!!! What a easy set of instrushons to follow. Maybe you can upload pichures to go with each step next time? Keep up the good work!
    From your quad-blog freind,

    1. I tried but can't, the internet can't always do magic!