Friday, February 21, 2014

Voices in the Park

We have homework this week on Voice 3.

This was the voice of Charles.

You can see the story again here:

You might also like to see:
Online Voices in the Park
This one is a great interactive book version of the book, with a map too!

We puzzled over this picture, what Anthony Browne meant by the statues. Mr Gregg wasn't sure. But we found something on the Internet. Anthony Brown explains:
"There’s a picture in Voices in the Park where the two dogs are racing  around, as the text says, “Like old friends,” and I've painted the mongrel dog with the pedigree dog’s tail and vice versa. That’s just a little way of saying there’s no real difference between them. The two statues above the dogs represent the woman and the man in the story. They’re set in stone; they’re never going to change."

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